£100M Plan: UK’s AI hub transformation by Rishi Sunak

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, announced £100 million for the United Kingdom to become the global epicenter for the AI (artificial intelligence) industry. According to this blueprint, the government aims to launch significant AI-powered scholarships and investments worth £100 million in the AI Taskforce.

An amalgamation of education, international collaboration, and research is a part of this striking plan which will make a groundbreaking moment for the tech landscape in the United Kingdom.

According to the UK Prime Minister, people’s concerns regarding artificial intelligence technology are duly recognized, and every other day many groups of recognized experts and scientists claim that “the world may come to an end.”

Sunak also stressed his commitment to developing security research within the national borders of the United Kingdom and balanced his excitement and enthusiasm about the prospects, and recognized the risks associated with AI. He assured in his announcement that people are worried about the technology and hence, it requires security research that will soon be carried out in the UK.

The main aim is to make sure that whenever artificial intelligence is used within national borders, it is performed responsibly and safely. One significant aspect of Sunak’s plan that has ignited the interest of many is its cooperation with several AI behemoths, including Anthropic (Constitutional AI, Claude AI), Google‘s DeepMind (PaLM-2, Bard), and OpenAI (GPT-4, ChatGPT). These giant companies have already committed to providing the UK government with priority or early access to AI models for safety and research purposes.

The dangers of continuous government supervision are slowly becoming apparent. Several biases in AI models can become institutionalized. Additionally, the dynamics between governments and AI companies are also concerning.

A delicate equilibrium between power and an eye for biasedness can prevent the politically-aligned development of AI models rather than just being politically correct.

Roxanne Williams

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