18 Ventures Now a Strategic Investor at CoinBurp

CoinBurp is no longer a small firm of 14 employees. It is now a bigger firm with a staff of designers, marketing experts, developers, and support specialists in the team. The investors of CoinBurp play a significant role in the growth and development of the company to make CoinBurp the pathway to decentralized finance. CoinBurp is also looking forward to the launch of OpenSea integration, fiat integration, and $BURP in the near future. Recently, the cryptocurrency advisory company, 18 Ventures, has become an investor of CoinBurp. The firm, 18 Ventures, supports the launch of cryptocurrency businesses in different cryptocurrency markets.

The founder of the investor company 18 Ventures, Nathan Pearson-Smith, is excited about the investment in CoinBurp. He was impressed with the long-standing business reputation and revenue generation of CoinBurp, which made him invest in the platform. CoinBurp permits the users to store and transfer ERC20 tokens and import their cryptocurrency wallets to gain access to various digital artworks. CoinBurp is ideal for making investments, according to 18 Ventures, as the platform is also planning integration with OpenSea, which is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world. Throughout 2021, CoinBurp will be entering into partnerships with several more companies that include The Crypto Prophecies, ChainGuardians, Ethermon, BCB, NFT boxes, Avastars, and Sandbox. This year shall also witness the complete integration of GBP and EUR at CoinBurp. The integration shall enable the users of CoinBurp to engage in the trading of NFTs directly with their bank accounts.


At present, CoinBurp is also looking forward to entering into partnerships with more NFT-based platforms to offer to every user the experience of immersive gaming, online tours of digital art galleries, auction house experiences, and more DeFi protocols.

Roxanne Williams

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