Now Official, 1-Million Mollars Tokens Pre-Sold as Crypto Users Anticipate New Store of Value Cryptocurrency

It’s now official that 1-million Mollars tokens have been pre-sold. Crypto traders appear extremely bullish & excited about the Bitcoin-alternative crypto’s launch on Ethereum Blockchain. The deflationary digital currency offers a store of value but with 80% less transaction fees than the $BTC.

The sales numbers for this token presale have been ‘off the charts.’ Between 50 to 100 different wallets have been linked to daily purchases (on average) over the past two weeks. Crypto shrimps, fishes, octopuses, sharks, and whales have been identified as current Mollars holders. The top 5 single buys were all by crypto sharks and whales who accumulated nearly $40,000 (USD), showing supreme faith in the new crypto project.

Positive reviews from crypto analysts

The 1-million tokens sold milestone also comes after several positive forecasts on the future ROI yields for investors. Mollars is projected to outperform Solana, Shiba Inu, and XRP alongside Bitcoin itself as long as demand is able to be maintained.

The host of the popular decentralized finance show “Crypto News” on YouTube says the Mollars token ‘looks explosive’ in terms of its potential. He also reviewed and verified that investors’ money being sent via was secure.

Well-known cryptocurrency auditor Cyberscope has also given the green light on the Mollars project. It completed an audit [see here] on the SOV token’s smart contract and tokenomics, certifying things are in proper alignment and trustworthy.

Price goes up in 4th round of ICO

The next milestone for the Mollars project is to reach the 4th round of the presale. This should happen at approximately 1,200,000 tokens sold. The discounted price of the Mollars token will go up 5 cents to $0.50 per token.

While the 5-cent difference is not much monetarily in purchasing, and investment-wise, it’s smarter to buy now. With each round that passes, one report showed how investors lose -200% of potential investment profit yields from delayed buying. This, of course, is based on projections of 44x returns and if the ‘low ball’ estimates materialize.

Only 4 million tokens are designated for an ICO discount of the total supply to be minted. There will only be 10 million $MOLLARS minted ever.

Buy $MOLLARS Token

Once the ICO supply has sold out, the new crypto hailed as the “Bitcoin killer” will be launched on a public crypto exchange at the price of $0.62. All token presale investors will see an immediate ROI yield from the Mollars CEX listing.

Mollars announced recently that the decentralized application project to be launched in association with the CEX listing will be a new native blockchain or a crypto exchange. Regardless of which product is built, it will require the $MOLLARS token to use it. 

The dApp is expected to be a catalyst for token demand long-term, which in turn helps increase the $MOLLARS token value.


Crypto investors have been buying the discounted $MOLLARS crypto at rates that exceed 83,000 tokens per day. Demand is predicted to push the token to a value that investments over $1000 could be life-changing.

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Mark Peterson

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