2023 Forex Trading Summit, Ho Chi Minh City

Focusing on trading capabilities and solving trading problems

Against the backdrop of global economic normalization in 2023, the trading activity of forex traders has increased, and the market is thriving. Novice investors actively enter the market, and the “dividend” drives an active trading atmosphere.

This summit aims to build a platform for communication among Southeast Asian forex traders, professional traders, KOLs, educational institutions, and media. Jointly deliver excellent forex trading technology, documentary trading technology, etc., display the latest trading tools, promote exchanges and cooperation among traders, and understand the cutting-edge financial investment and trading market. Assist in disseminating platform products and brand awareness and deepen users’ understanding of the brand. Cultivate excellent forex traders for the market and establish correct trading concepts.

This forex trading summit is only for trading technology discussions and is purely an academic exchange conference without fees. Vietnamese friends who love trading are welcome to participate actively. Thank you!

forex trading summit

Highlights of the Summit

Renowned Speaker

Our speakers are mainly composed of traders and educational leaders with years of practical experience in Vietnam, who adhere to the principle of “supporting viewpoints with performance and results” and share cutting-edge ideas and knowledge.

Frontier Information

Industry frontline experts analyze market conditions for trading users. Looking forward to 2023, we aim to showcase excellent trading techniques in the market, showcase the latest trading tools, and promote communication and cooperation.

Focusing on Trading

This forex trading summit focuses on trading technology throughout the process without any illusory macro analysis. We will only discuss the topics you are concerned about. Provide trading technology solutions and answer questions on the way to trading.

Precision Circle

Select a user group that truly loves trading and has clear learning and communication needs to build a precise network in the trading industry for you. Promote communication and cooperation at the technical level to achieve information value.

Expand your horizons

In addition to forex trading, we will invite guests from the financial industry to share other markets. Expand the path of professional trading in more fields, such as securities trading and futures trading.

Exquisite Gifts

At the summit, there will be a variety of good gifts, interactive lucky draw sessions, surprise gifts for check-in, and award-winning Q&A sessions, all of which will be delivered continuously.

Targeting the audience

Traders in industries such as stocks, futures, foreign exchange, gold, etc. Friends who love trading but have not yet established a trading system.

forex trading

Summit Process

13:00-14:00 Visitors check in and Receive exciting gifts for free

14:00-14:10 Introduction for organizers, sponsors, and speakers

14:10:14:40 Topic 1: Future trends of global foreign exchange trading and gold trading markets and global economic trends situation

14:40-15:10 Topic 2: Quantitative high-frequency trading strategies, algorithms and technologies

15:10:15:40 Topic 3: The application and effect of community copy trading in different markets

15:40-16:10 Topic 4: Advanced copying strategies: diversified investment portfolios, risk management, and long-term investments

16:10-16:40 Forum Topic: Social Tradig, building a bridge between Brokers and traders

16:40-17:00 Attendees ask questions politely during the questioning session

17:00-17:30 Lucky draw session

17:30-18:00 Post-meeting communication

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