BlockDAG at $0.0015: The undisputed champion of 2024’s crypto bull run along with Galaxy Fox and VeChain

The cryptocurrency market is booming as the fourth halving event of the Bitcoin network draws near, with several coins witnessing notable increases in value and number of transactions.

Opportunities abound in the cryptocurrency market amid the expected bull run, with BlockDAG (BDAG) presale showing strong early investor support. The meme coin community has also expressed interest in Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a recent ICO cryptocurrency. Notably, the amount of transactions for VeChain cryptocurrency has lately increased noticeably, giving experts hope for the future price trajectory of VET. 

VeChain’s price surges in the run-up to the upcoming announcement

VeChain (VET), a breakout cryptocurrency token that has experienced significant gains during the market-wide upswing spearheaded by Bitcoin, is presently the subject of a lot of buzz. The announcement that will be made at the MWC 2024 Event in Barcelona is another aspect that contributed to the recent spike in VET prices.

On February 13, one of VeChain’s smart contracts registered over two million daily transactions, marking a significant uptick in activity. VeChain (VET), which is ranked among the top 40 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and enormous transaction volume, has great promise for wider adoption. Moreover, experts are projecting a positive future for the network. 

Galaxy Fox launches presale stage 

Galaxy Fox launch distinguishes itself from several meme initiatives by offering genuine functionality and security. What sets it apart from its competitors is its involvement in the GameFi market, primarily through a play-to-earn (P2E) runner game. Its engagement in web3 and varied utility imply a strong adoption potential and the possibility of substantial rewards. 

It’s best to move quickly to the presale before Galaxy Fox becomes popular on significant exchanges, as this might mean lower profits for those who join later.

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BlockDAG presale unlocks 3233% ROI for early investors

BlockDAG, inspired by Kaspa, has attracted investors’ interest by raising nearly $2 million in presale. BlockDAG stands out for having a variety of revenue streams, including presale investments, coin trading, mining, and referral bonuses. 

Miners and investors have taken notice of this passive income model, which has generated a great deal of early interest in the project. This is seen by how quickly BDAG moved on to its second presale batch. A hybrid consensus process is used by the BlockDAG network, which is based on Kaspa’s DAG (Directed Acyclic Graphs) protocol And POW. 

BlockDAG is selling tokens for $0.0015 each in the second presale batch. The price will increase gradually throughout 45 batches, reaching $0.05 by the last batch. These estimates indicate that investors entering the market at the present price may anticipate a 3233% return on investment.

BlockDAG focuses on its users, offering efficient cryptocurrency mining devices and a mobile app with little battery power. BlockDAG is now hosting a $2 million giveaway, where 50 lucky community members will share this incredible prize!


The value and number of transactions of tokens such as VeChain are increasing significantly. Analysts see a bright future for VeChain and are upbeat about its chances of being widely adopted. Investors are also taking notice of new disruptive altcoin currencies like BlockDAG.

With its cutting-edge DAG technology, environmentally conscious approach, and early investor confidence — demonstrated by a presale that garnered $1M in less than a day — BlockDAG stands out from the competition. Take advantage of the Batch 2 presale at $0.0015 and earn up to 5000X profit.

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