24 hours for the launch of Everdome’s maiden rocket

At long last, the moment has arrived when the countdown has begun. This is related to Everdome’s maiden rocket launching, which is now only 24 hours away. Incidentally, all of this will be simultaneously going live. In anticipation, all the team members are extremely excited and, at the same time, have their apprehensions regarding the possibility of any hiccup taking place.

However, all said and done, they seem to be confident of the launch’s success as they firmly stand by the collective effort and dedication that has gone into it from their end. 

In their view, this much-awaited event will be the commencement of their interplanetary metaverse-based adventure. According to their well-laid plans, all of this will be going live on their own YouTube channel to provide the sheer thrill and excitement that will inevitably be generated in terms of the viewing pleasure of the entire world, which will, in all probability, be in attendance.


Further, in their valued opinion, the pioneers at the helm of affairs will be in the position of having a first-time view of the insides of the Everdome Cycler. This will also enable the team to ably exhibit to the world and all concerned the actual ability of the VR Metaverse and the overall experience it brings along with it.

David Cox

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