$280 million in 14 days! Crypto whales go wild for Dogecoin and Dogecoin20

Bitcoin entered a price correction period, mirrored by most altcoins on the market. However, Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the rare cryptos still reporting billions of dollars in daily trade volume. So-called crypto whales have bought over $280 million worth of DOGE coins in the past few weeks, signaling a potential price explosion in the next few days.

However, the newest dog-inspired meme coin, DOGE20, is also making its way into thousands of crypto wallets in the same period. It had a hugely successful presale event that raised over $10 million in just a few weeks, so let’s see if it can become the next big meme on the market.

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Dogecoin is still among the highest-traded meme coins on the market

Meme coin markets have been the focus of investors worldwide in the past few months. Dozens of new projects went live, and a few of them saw explosive growth, providing early investors with 100x returns days after going live. Solana-based memes have been viral, led by tokens like SLERF, BOME, SMOG, and countless others. However, despite competing against newer platforms with superior token utilization and overall designs, the original meme, Dogecoin, is still in a solid upward trend.

Dogecoin has risen 8% in the past month, mostly due to increased purchases made by so-called crypto whales, who are willing to spend millions of dollars on crypto investments. The sudden increase in DOGE purchases resulted in an influx of over $280 million, as whales bought over 1.4 billion DOGE in the past two weeks. 

However, despite such a significant surge in capital, Dogecoin has failed to result in substantial gains. After gaining over 12% in the past ten days, DOGE’s value turned around, losing 15.4% in the past week. The token dropped from $0.22 to just above $0.18 in less than a week, begging the question of whether Dogecoin has what it takes to result in high gains ever again. 

It’s clear that the price of DOGE tokens is stagnating despite a market cap increase of over $280 million, which is why so many investors are dumping their tokens and replacing them with the new dog-themed meme coin, Dogecoin20. The original DOGE is over 32.000% above its launch price in 2013, and many industry experts believe it reached its peak and will not result in high gains anytime soon. , DOGE won’t give you the profits of other meme coins, especially emerging platforms like Dogecoin20. 

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Dogecoin20 – New meme coin inspired by DOGE expected to explode on Dogecoin day

Dogecoin20 is the latest meme coin project built on the best industry practices. Its incredibly successful presale event hints at its massive long-term potential. In less than a month, it raised over $10 million, selling the entire supply of 35 billion tokens destined for the presale in record time. 

It’s inspired by the original Dogecoin, but it comes with a staking feature that provides token holders with high returns. The Stake-to-Earn reward system is designed to provide token owners with high 59% APYs over the next couple of years, which made it a popular investment option among investors worldwide. Therefore, it’s superior to the original DOGE because of much better tokenomics and the staking feature that gives the DOGE20 token much higher utility.

Dogecoin20 - New meme coin inspired by DOGE expected to explode on Dogecoin day

The maximum supply of DOGE20 is 140 billion tokens, ensuring stable growth and long-term value. Moreover, its primary goal is to help build a better world by supporting charities, community projects, and eco-friendly causes, making a difference in the real world as well. 

Dogecoin20 will go live on Dogecoin Day, April 20, which coincides with the next Bitcoin halving event. These two factors are essential for DOGE20 token holders as they converge to create a perfect storm likely to result in explosive growth and even 100x returns for early investors. 

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Last call for early investors as presale extends

Even though the presale was sold out, the platform decided to divert a portion of its 35 billion tokens reserved for marketing to allow more investors to get in early, so you still have a chance to grab your DOGE20 tokens at $0.00022.

The initial presale market cap of $10 was met in a few weeks, and the interest showed no signs of stopping. That’s why the project extended the event by introducing the “Last Chance to Buy” stage that will close a day before the first listing. Investors can still get DOGE20 tokens by going to the official site and exchanging ETH or USDT for new Dogecoins. 

There are less than two weeks left to invest in one of the latest meme coins with the highest growth potential. If you missed your chances to invest in the original DOGE early on, you can still join the Dogecoin20 community and watch your investments explode in the next few months.

Wrapping up

Dogecoin is stagnating despite getting a large influx of funds and experiencing limited gains. Most experts predict that DOGE coins will enter a bullish phase after the BTC halving event, but the gains will not turn you into a millionaire anytime soon. Most experienced traders know that, so they diverted funds towards the newest Dogecoin version – DOGE20. 

The upgraded version offers more utility and will launch with the highest momentum possible, so it’s no wonder why its presale event raised over $10 million in record time. You can still grab DOGE20 coins for $0.00022 per token, so hurry up, join the Dogecoin20 community before April 20, and watch your investments multiply in the next few months. 

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