Here’s what makes SmarterWorx (ARTX), Fantom (FTM), and Celo (CELO) long-term investment winners

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, thousands of crypto coins have been created. These coins all have unique value propositions. However, several of them have emerged as clear winners for long-term investment. Here is a look at the top three options that make the cut.

SmarterWork (ARTX)

When picking a crypto project in which to invest, one of the factors to look at is the whitepaper. Here you will find a detailed breakdown of what the project entails. The SmarterWork project states its mission in clear terms. Its value proposition is quite enticing.

SmarterWorx is a project that aims to connect the crypto community to the art world via a cryptocurrency called ARTX. It is backed by a growing collection of art designed to combat the volatility experienced by most crypto coins.

Each art piece in the collection is backed by a 1-of-1 NFT, which ensures it is permanently secured via the blockchain. The goal is to create a crypto coin with long-term price stability. With the art of value growing over time, ARTX tokens will be very valuable in the long term.

The growth of the value of art with time is a time-tested concept. Today, some of the most valuable art pieces in the world are hundreds of years old. For instance, art pieces by Michelangelo are so valuable selling them would be nearly impossible. The entire collection of his work would be valued at billions.


SmarterWorx also understands that for a crypto project to grow, it needs a strong community behind it. The community spreads the word and helps a project’s demand rise. With enough motivation, the community can be the most valuable aspect of the ARX project.

To keep them motivated, SmarterWorx has designed regular rewards for its community. These rewards are distributed via a staking mechanism. Additionally, the project has a great mechanism for sharing royalty fees from the sale of NFTs.

5% of ARTX tokens will go to a treasury wallet to maintain the value of ARTX tokens. Additionally, a percentage of the funds from the presale will go into the treasury fund. These funds will be used to acquire art that shows huge growth potential, to be added to the collection that backs ARTX.

Once the ARTX tokens are launched, a portion of the transaction fee will go to the Treasury Fund. In essence, buying and selling ARTX tokens will promote its rise in value. If any art piece is sold for profit, 50% of the profits go to the treasury fund, while the other 50% goes to a buy-back and burn program for ARTX crypto coins. As a long-term investment, ARTX tokens make a lot of sense.

Fantom and Celo

Celo is a project designed as a global payment system built on the blockchain. On the other hand, Fantom is built as a competitor to Ethereum with better speed, efficiency, and customizability. Both show promise and can be added to a portfolio that includes ARTX coins.

Final thoughts

ARTX crypto coins, which are in the presale phase, have already gathered a considerable following. The community coalescing around it is proof that its value proposition is solid. Anyone can participate in the presale and become proud owners of ARTX, the crypto coin of a promising ecosystem.

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