3Commas enhances trading experience with new updates

3Commas is known for pushing the boundaries, especially to make sure that it is able to bring a better experience for the community. The practice has been ongoing for months, except that April 2023 marked a month of significant updates published by the team. It has further talked about how updates benefit the members of the 3Commas community.

Most of them relate to trading bots and partnerships. The article carries forward those updates.

To start with, 3Commas has added 2 more crypto ventures to the list of partners who leverage the potential of Fast Connect. Per the recent update, ByBit and Gate.io are the latest entrants after Binance, OKX, and Deribit. ByBit and Gate.io are onboard to join Fast Connect, a new and secure method of linking 3Commas with the exchange accounts.

Fast Connect basically brings together the best of OAuth Protocol and IP Whitelisting. Traders, in return, get their funds protected and hence, peace of mind. It eliminates manual intervention by automatically generating API keys and binding them. IP Whitelisting simply declines trade requests that are sent from outside of the 3Commas IP addresses.

The second update concerns buying cryptocurrency using debit and credit cards. The payment method can also be used to refuel the trading bot. The mechanism is backed by Mercuryo, a third-party provider. The functionality is limited to Binance and OKX, with others to soon follow the trend in the coming days.

Bots, once refueled, provide better assurance of avoiding downtime and, thereby, not missing any opportunity. Traders who run out of funds can instantly get back on track by accessing the funding method through debit and credit cards. 3Commas bots serve more benefits, details of which can be read in our 3Commas trading bot review. In other words, consider buying a cryptocurrency at 3Commas, like buying a regular token or a product that serves enough digital utility.

Traders using multi-pair DCA bots have now gained access that is also offered to single-pair DCA bots. While the values are independent of the price of the coin that has been selected, 3Commas has restricted the deal opens based on the deviation values chosen by a trader. Trades have a larger control that is subjected to the minimum and maximum value set by them for the multi-pair bot.

GRID Bot updates are now live, making this the fourth major April 2023 update. The update makes them stronger, user-friendly, and more powerful than ever. The updates to GRID Bot are relevant to the key areas of bot states, GRID bot table, and bot interface. Information about GRID bots, including the best crypto trading bot, is now conveniently displayed on a single screen along with a TradingView Chart and a module for testing & launching new GRID bots. To explore further, click here.

Moreover, equivalent currencies like EUR and USD are now supported by 3Commas. Finally, 3Commas has published a guide for the creation and setting up of a DCA bot for traders who want to indulge in the trading activity of an altcoin. It majorly highlights the usage of the Relative Strength Index – RSI.

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