4M GRT Sunrise Upgrade Program is live! Democratize data. earn GRT

In every twenty-four hours in our digital age, people on the internet produce a large amount of information. This data should be accessed and used by the world differently than we currently have through closed systems. This is where The Graph comes in; it is revolutionary because it enables anyone to freely access any information they need from any source. In addition, with The Graph’s newly released Sunrise Upgrade Program, you now have control!

By joining this cause and completing various missions, you can earn GRT tokens, too! These are awarded to help more people take charge of their facts by decentralizing information.

Now that we are at Phase 2 of Sunbeam in the Sunrise era (the second part after Decentralized Data Autonomy), it’s time to upgrade subgraphs hosted services onto The Graph Network; welcome sunbeams into our lives while standing against centralized SaaS monopolies as well as all other legacy web giants who want control back again after realizing how disruptive this technology might become if left unchecked – down with them all say I!

  • What does the Sunrise Upgrade Program entail?

The program involves many creative on-chain and off-chain missions that support The Graph’s Sunrise phase of decentralized data. It also includes 4 million GRT tokens set aside by The Graph Foundation as rewards for completed tasks within this initiative beyond just community members and anyone else contributing to its completion.

These activities could be anything ranging from non-tech stuff, such as creating content, up to technical things like contributions made directly into The Graph Network itself; but whichever kind it may fall under each successful completion earns one some GRT token amounts denoting appreciation shown at reaching such milestones along way though there shall come bigger prizes if the mission gets finished early enough. Registration opens May 2nd with a deadline of June 20th, eight days following the final closure period after upgrading ends, officially known as the “Upgrade Window.”

It is open to everyone, regardless of their level in crypto, whether you have been around for a long time or just joined today.

  • The missions are divided into two main categories:
  1. Web3 Visionary Track: This track focuses on ecosystem growth by completing tasks that educate others about The Graph Network and its users. For example, writing thought pieces on data autonomy and blog posts about upgrading, among many others, can help build up the Graph community through partnerships while increasing awareness about these upgrades.
  1. Web3 Builder Track: This track champions self-sovereignty over information by doing things such as upgrading subgraphs from hosted service to The Graph Network, among others. Also, the track helps others with their own upgrades, querying existing subgraphs on the network to see what they contain before doing anything else, etc.

If you want Web3’s full potential unleashed and to make data autonomy standard practice, register now for missions during the Sunrise Upgrade Program era, where collaboration between various Graphers is key. To join other Graphers during the sunrise upgrade program, use the #sunrise-upgrade-program channel found within the official discord server for The Graph.

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