50 Percent Jump in 24 Hours by Bitcoin Cash, and Latest on BCH New Wallet and Token

In the past seven days, Bitcoin cash (BCH) has been taking the lead role in the crypto market rally. It has shown major crypto growth goals this week. It has recorded a great jump of 50 percent within a day’s time span on 2nd April. This has pushed the Bitcoin cash into the top five digital coins in the crypto sphere. It has reached the market capitalization of 5 Billion U.S Dollars.

Although it is great news, yet it had minor reactions on the network. There were major network congestions observed on the Bitcoin Core network due to the increase in the prices and the number of transactions. It did not stop there. The number of ‘unconfirmed transactions,’ as per the latest reports, on the Bitcoin Cash mempool, has been reported to be constantly growing. This, as a result, has affected the transactions to become really slow and more expensive on the other hand.

On the other hand, ‘Crescent Cash’ has got recently released. It is an open source Bitcoin cash wallet. One of its main features is that it makes use of Cash Accounts protocol which is a default program in the crypto wallet. This one is a non- custodial crypto wallet and is along the lines of a traditional Bitcoin cash wallet. This application works well with the standard Bitcoin cash address format- Cashaddr, as per the reports obtained from news.bitcoin.com.

This week seems to be packed with some exciting news. Recently ‘Rizki Presents: Blockchain’, which is a six-episode documentary series, was released. It was launched on the Amazon Prime platform. The main focus of the six-episode documentary series is around the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in changing the traditional ways of the current fiat system. In episode one and six of the series, you can watch the highlights of Bitcoin Cash.

Talking about more exciting news, the first ever Bitcoin backed SLP token got listed on a crypto exchange. It is known as Merit (LLM.) The Bitcoin backed SLP token has been issued by Liberland. Liberland is a- “libertarian micronation established on a piece of disputed land between Serbia and Croatia. The LLM tokens can be traded at Altilly.com,” as per latest reports.

If you wish to dig deeper into the above-stated news, you can watch the Bitcoin.com’s YouTube channel. Here you can listen to the news update with Roger Ver.

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