$500 million Bitcoin (BTC) whale wakes up after 8 months to buy promising new presale ETFswap (ETFS)

Analytics platform Lookonchain has recently spotted and reported the activity of a dormant Bitcoin (BTC) whale after eight years. This has sparked speculation among crypto community members about how this recent development could affect the crypto market. Others, however, are optimistic that this sleeping giant that suddenly awoke from its slumber did so to acquire ETFswap ($ETFS), a token currently making waves in the crypto industry due to its ongoing massive presale event.

Eight months dormant Bitcoin (BTC) whale suddenly resumes activity

At the start of April, the analytics platform reported the activity of a Bitcoin whale that had previously gone silent for eight years. The platform made this known on its X (formerly Twitter) page, where it was first reported that the whale owns nearly 9,000 BTC tokens worth $597.55 million. 

Following the return, the whale transferred 2,000 BTC worth $132.41 million from their total stash to a new wallet and then transferred 1,100 BTC worth $74.34 million into the Binance exchange. The reason behind the actions of this Bitcoin whale’s activity is yet unknown as the token still struggles to retest its all-time high. If the reason for the transactions is to sell, then the whale could put significant pressure on the Bitcoin price, causing it to fall further from here. 

According to data from the asset tracking platform CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to hover around the $68,000 range, trading at a daily low of about $66,000 and a high of about $68,500. 

Experts speculate that Bitcoin has the potential to break out to a new all-time high of $80,000 if the bulls can take charge and break its current resistance level of $68000. However, failure to break through could spell doom for Bitcoin (BTC), driving its price below the $60,000 support level.

Buy ETFS presale

ETFSwap ($ETFS) builds up anticipation with ongoing presale 

ETFswap (ETFS) is a crypto project that aims to balance traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) through tokenizing exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The platform is bringing ETFs on-chain for trading and will open up avenues for traders of all portfolio sizes to dabble in real-world assets like Gold, commodities, stocks, and bonds. The tokenized ETFs will allow traders to closely monitor the progress of traditional ETFs to make sound and well-informed decisions when trading.

The platform also offers seamless swapping services, leverage trading with up to 10x leverage, and features staking an opportunity for users to increase their profits through passive income. Traders can also amplify their portfolio by utilizing the fractional ownership feature available on ETFswap ($ETFS). The platform native token $ETFS functions as a standard ERC-20 token of the Ethereum (ETH) network and serves the purpose of utilities. Users who also hold the token will also have the opportunity to participate in its governance through voting.

ETFswap recently concluded its private sale, raising $750,000 in investments from two institutional investors and three angel investors. The conclusion kickstarted the ongoing stage 1 presale, where the platform offers its native tokens at $0.00854 per coin. Investors are already scrambling to lay their hands on this token in its current presale stage as stage 2 will kick off at a higher price of $0.01831, assuring all participants of automatic profit.

$ETFS is also expected to reach the $1 mark soon, according to experts. This will mean a 10,000% surge in price and massive ROI (return on investment) for early investors. So now, at its formative stage, is the best time for all investors who wish to get 100x profit on investment to join the ETFswap ($ETFS) presale. 

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