80th birthday wishes to The Little Prince

In order to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of The Little Prince, when the book was officially published, Mediawan Kids & Family has decided to go ahead and form an exclusive collaboration with The Sandbox. Both of the entities together will get involved in the development of an all-inclusive exposure that will basically be central to The Little Prince. In the case of the uninitiated, Mediawan Kids & Family is a multi-faceted European-based studio that is actively engaged in matters related to production, as well as supplying young and family-oriented content globally.  

The company has been associated with the Saint-Exupery-d’Agay estate for many years and has put in their joint effort in coming out with and introducing to the world, The Little Prince and everything surrounding it. As a part of its future plan, sometime in the month of September 2023, there will be the release of the latest animated television series for the viewing pleasure of young children around the world. The title will be The Little Prince and Friends.   

Through this collaboration that has been forged, it will be made possible for Mediawan Kids & Family to further spread its wings and remain focused on providing a higher level of content with regard to the unique characters involved, along with the most powerful IPs that are contained in its enviable arsenal. They will all be made accessible to more than 40 million of the connected users of The Sandbox. Through this, viewers will be in for an entirely fresh perspective of The Little Prince, along with a The Little Prince-based NFT avatar collection.  

According to the COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, after a lot of forethought and afterthought, they finally honed in on The Sandbox to form this exclusive collaboration. Through this, they will have the opportunity of shifting The Little Prince inside of The Sandbox’s open metaverse, which, in his opinion, is moving in the correct direction. He is also certain that this will be coming with a lot of high expectations, but from their end, they will rise adequately to meet them. For him, it is a landmark moment. 

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