99Bitcoins presale is now live! The next BRC-20 project with explosive potential

We are fast approaching the biggest crypto event of 2024 as the Bitcoin (BTC) halving event looks like it may happen in the next two weeks when the number of blocks hits 740,000. The Price of BTC has been fluctuating as experts argue whether historical trends will once again prove true or whether the event may have been over-hyped and investors will start to sell after the event.

Either way, all eyes are on Bitcoin. That means it’s the perfect time to launch a coin like 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC). The established crypto learning platform has decided now is the perfect time to make its first step into the world of crypto, and it will do so by integrating its token with the BRC-20 network.

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99Bitcoins token – The future of learn-to-earn has arrived

99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) has just launched its presale and has already raised over $110k. However, it is very early days and we are expecting this number to spike very quickly once word starts to spread that the people behind 99Bitcoins now have their very own crypto. The established learning platform is a fan favorite and will certainly draw a lot of attention.

Before we get into 99Bitcoins and what they have and wish to achieve, let’s first take a look at the BRC-20 blockchain, which has been coming under fire lately. Because Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and blockchain, it has pretty much remained untouched throughout its lifespan. It has been incredibly profitable, so with billions of dollars and global trust in the network at stake, why would you touch it?

Because of this layer-2 and 3 networks have spawned and have been created in a way where they are more adaptable to the changing and evolving crypto market. The Bitcoin network has come under a lot of criticism lately because of the mining process and the amount of energy it uses. This criticism is right, but it doesn’t change the amount of value the BRC-20 network has.

It is still the most reliable network. Last year’s addition of ordinals has been huge for the network, as it has allowed other tokens to integrate with the BRC-20 network. The massive benefit of this is that these projects’ security is anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain without altering a single bit of Bitcoin’s code.

So, while these newer networks may have their benefits, there are massive advantages to being able to integrate with the BRC-20 network. If any group knows what they are doing when it comes to these kinds of decisions, it’s the people behind 99Bitcoins.

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How this project hopes to make learn-to-earn crypto’s next biggest trend

For those who are not familiar with 99Bitcoins, they are a long-established, trusted community. Since their humble beginning, they have gained 700k+ YouTube subscribers and have over two million registered users for their crypto courses. They are now aiming to pioneer a learn-to-earn token to expand their educational offering.

They are already the most comprehensive online learning resource in crypto so they are perfectly placed to start a learn-to-earn model that can be successful on the open market. By buying tokens and then committing to learning about crypto, investors can earn knowledge and crypto simultaneously.

So what do you get when you commit to 99Bitcoins Token? Say goodbye to dull lectures and endless textbooks. 99Bitcoins utilizes interactive learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials to make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. Whatever way you learn most naturally, they have you covered.

When you engage with the learning tools and progress through the curriculum, 99Bitcoins tokens will be paid directly to your Ethereum wallet. These tokens can then be used in a similar way as a player would use their tokens earned in play-to-earn games. Learners can get access to premium content, discounts on partner products and services, and even opportunities to participate in token-holder events.

Another very valuable tool you will gain by accessing the 99Bitcoins world is crypto trading signals. You will be in a community of investors that are thirsty for knowledge so you will be able to gain an edge by receiving and sharing data and information that can help maximize your profits.

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Some added features of 99Bitcoins Token that investors will love 

One thing that Bitcoin investors really miss out on is staking. Despite being integrated with the BRC-20 blockchain, 99Bitcoins Token holders will not have to worry about this as the project has made staking a foundational block of the project.

In fact, with 14% of the total allocation of 99,000,000,000 $99BTC tokens being dedicated to staking, there will be a very healthy reward pool for investors to look forward to. Staking has already begun on the token’s site and given the predicted healthy APY%, it is no surprise to see already over 9 million $99BTC have been staked.

We mentioned that the group behind 99Bitcoins is experienced, and you can clearly see that by the features they have added to the project. Recently, we have seen the popularity of staking, but if there is one thing still beloved even more than staking in the crypto world, it is airdrops.

99Bitcoins Token has included a very exciting airdrop competition as part of its presale launch. A massive $99,999 worth of tokens will be up for grabs for 99 community members who join the Learn-to-Earn revolution early. This, coupled with the fact we expect the presale to take off soon, means potential investors should act as fast as they can.

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With the Bitcoin halving event fast approaching, anything related to Bitcoin is likely to go viral. 99Bitcoins Token comes from an established brand, so it may not have needed that help, but either way, it will take off. Getting in on the presale now, right as it has begun, could prove very profitable.

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