A brief introduction to Unobtanium

Let’s discover what Unobtanium or UNO cryptocurrency is and how you can purchase it.

Understanding Unobtanium

Similar to its namesake, UNO targets to be a rare digital currency. There are restricted numbers of Unobtanium coins out there which are accessible for mining. With an absence of ICOs or premine activity, the coin follows an unbiased allocation model. Staying true to its distinct feature of shortage, Unobtanium coin’s maximum coin capitalization is just 250,000.


Launched on 18th October 2013, UNO is a division of the blockchain technology BTC. Founded by BLAZR2, pseudonym of Unobtanium’s founder, this digital currency had an entirely neutral launch as there were no ICOs held and no coins were premined. Bryce Weiner is the lead developer of Unobtanium.

Analyzing Unobtanium’s Advantages

The significant advantages of Unobtanium lie in its unique features and advanced technology.

  • UNO utilizes the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, same as Bitcoin.
  • It has the proof-of-work mechanism that uses device hashing ability to decode complex math problems. It also enables stringent verification of any transaction which is meant to be stored on the blockchain.
  • It will take close to 300 years for the last fifty thousand blocks of Unobtanium to be fully mined, thanks to UNO’s one-of-a-kind algorithm. As a result, UNO has become one of the most unusual currencies to hold, protecting its users against inflation and market uncertainty.
Now, let’s take a brief overview of its features –
  • Investing in UNO coins is very similar to investing in assets such as silver and gold. That’s because UNO is designed in such a way that it retains its value even during the market fluctuations, thanks to its increased difficulty blocks and scarcity. Hence, even when other digital currencies start to decline, UNO’s value will be left unaffected.
  • UNO is a rare, stable, highly secure, and valuable coin. It is easily transferable as well.
  • To ensure complete fairness, UNO has refrained from premining or ICO activities. There’s no one withholding a major part of the coins which increases market stability.
  • UNO has enabled combined mining with Bitcoin blockchain from May 2015. That means users can mine Unobtanium coins and bitcoins simultaneously without any hassles. The feature of combined mining not only increases the earning of the users but also boosts blockchain security.
Buying and Storing Unobtanium

Several crypto trade exchange platforms allow you to buy UNO coins such as CoinExchange.io, Cryptopia, Bleutrade, and C-CEX. Cryptopia usually registers the highest trade volume for UNO coins.

In addition, it is also possible to mine UNO coins. You can browse through UNO’s website to discover a listing of its mining pools and clients.

Along with that, you can also download UNO wallet from the website. Because UNO is BTC-based, you can also utilize any wallet supporting more than one coins like Coinomi or even hardware wallet, for instance, Ledger Nano S.

To choose the best UNO deal for you at the right time, you can use CoinSwitch. The biggest digital currency exchange offers you current UNO prices on different crypto platforms which you can easily compare. Not just that, it also allows you to choose from 45,000 pairs and 140 coins of digital assets to go with your coin. The best thing of using CoinSwitch is that you don’t need the crypto exchange’s dedicated UNO wallet to store your Unobtanium currency. All the transactions can seamlessly be carried out from your wallets.

What Makes UNO Different?
  • The fact that UNO coins are considered as a great long-term investment, just like how gold is in the real world, makes it more appealing.
  • As it’s one of those rare coins which are difficult to obtain or mine, UNO will safeguard from inflation and preserve its value in the ever-dynamic and decreasing market.
  • UNO is not meant for trading on a regular basis like other cryptocurrencies, but it is meant for holding as a long-term value or an asset, that offers a great projected future value.
Should You Consider Investing in UNO?

As the Unobtanium is a scarce cryptocurrency, its prices are higher than other altcoins and will continue to be so even in the future. But its unique, rare nature definitely makes it a fascinating investment option and appeals to all those who are looking to invest for a longer term rather than indulging in regular trading.

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