A Candid Chat with Crypto Advocate John McAfee

In a candid interview, John McAfee speaks on crypto secrets of the trade including the vulnerability of the Bitcoin, Tax evasion, and titbits from his vivid life.

John McAfee is the one who created a revolution in the 1980s in cybersecurity when computers were dazzling the world with their enormous power. John went ahead of the technology and counterattacked the challenges and vulnerabilities in computer security and founded one of the most popular antivirus programs. He is also the founder of various companies like Tribal Voice, QuorumEx, and Future Tense Central among others.

McAfee has resided in several countries, including Belize and has been staying in the US since 2013. He is a political activist who sought Presidential elections of the US in 2016 and again is running for 2020 elections as the Libertarian party candidate.

Not only this, but John a well-known name in the crypto industry as well. He has too much to share with the world. His life journey is a roller coaster ride and full of melodramatic events. Since last year he is on the run refusing to pay taxes to the IRS department of USA.

He has faced all of the challenges and is now up to a new venture in politics.

Here he has spoken candidly touching many topics about the recent happenings in the crypto industry and his professional life.

Bitcoin price fluctuations and its cause

Elaborating on the recent price fluctuations of Bitcoin, he said that Bitcoin was invented a decade ago to free the society from the clutches of the authorities and the central powers and governments. It was a kind of revolt against the feudal powers which had been grabbing the labor share from the common man. He believes that it is an arbitrary step by the American government to regulate the crypto industry and asking its share in the income generated through cryptocurrencies.

“What’s happening in America is an unconstitutional thing and so the income tax is the greatest travesty that’s ever been perpetrated on the American people. Cryptocurrency is the one thing that can free us from this overburdened government that we carry on our shoulders constantly because that can give us financial freedom.” He further says that as we are not living in a feudal society, the money we earn is ours and should not be taken from us. “So the cryptocurrency is the key to unlock the financial slavery towards the government system,” he said.

When asked about what prompted him to escape from the country, evading the income tax and why he refused the system?

John is a member of a libertarian Party where several members believe that income tax is illegal and unconstitutional. He has stopped paying it ten years ago. He sent a message to the IRS that he is not going to pay the taxes and nothing has happened for eight years.

He said that he had paid 50 million dollars so far until he realized that the taxes are illegal and unconstitutional and one can avoid them simply by using crypto cards. By avoiding the taxes, one is not committing any criminal activity, but it’s just civil disobedience and he is just excising the right of civil disobedience to the unjust system. All refuse to pay unitedly; it should be considered as resistance for injustice done to the civil society.

When did he start speaking publicly against the Refusal of taxes?

Three years back, McAfee started speaking against this allegedly unjust system at public forums, major conferences blockchain events. He says that consistently trading the cryptocurrencies will help us earn money without paying it to the corrupt central authorities, which snatches our hard-earned money.

“We are paying for the unjust stuffing of pockets in the political food chain and that’s what we are for, we are the sheep. The food chain is a political pyramid and every level of that pyramid stuffs their pockets to a higher degree than the one beneath.”

Hacking of Bitcoin is possible?

McAfee denies the hacking of Bitcoin. He says that it is not possible the code is open-source. This means everyone uses the same code and everyone knows the exact in and out of it. So it’s impossible to hack owing to its transparency for everyone.


He said, “The source code for Bitcoin or Ardex can’t be changed. That the beauty of the blockchain and open-source that it’s a mathematically perfect system which can’t be vulnerable to any malicious activity.”

His Recent Clash with the Bahamian government

A whole week in July has been very intense for him and his team. Five of his country managers in various countries fell ill simultaneously and had been hospitalized for more than a week and his body double was found unconscious in one hospital when he sent him as his replacement in disguise for negotiations with the government. The same week he had been asked to leave the Bahamas as the Police Commissioner was bribed to do so as per his claims. And the Caribbean media defamed him for escaping from the law.

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