A collectible Axie reward system, Fortune Slips, goes live!

Fortune Slips, an experimental reward system for collectible axies from Atia, is now operational and accessible via the App.Axie. An initial digital collectible featuring Axie will be released soon; this item will undergo constant changes as the play progresses. This testing was conducted utilizing Dynamic NFTs to a great extent. Fortune Slips, a collectible axis, and Atia have been on equal ground. 

The largest owners of rare axies in Lunacia have been involved in significant discussions since the start of 2023. Based on the comments, they came up with a system to raise the collectible axies. There have been design, functionality, and availability difficulties in trying to add utility to digital collectibles. They will be eliminated with the assistance of Atia. 

Fortune Slips is an experimental reward system for collectible axes that increases their utility and prestige. Rare axies, including Mystics, Summers, Origins, and others, are the foundation of Lunacia.  

Fortune Slips is expected to have a reduced role in the upcoming delivery of Axis’s transformation. Owners of collectible axies who advance Atia’s endowment via the shrine on the App.Axie will receive a multitude of Fortune Slips. Additionally, they will be able to redeem Fortune Slips for on-chain rewards through the Garuda Shrine.

To acquire Fortune Slips, one must navigate to the App.Axie. Subsequently, while simultaneously maintaining the collectible axies in one’s wallet, one grants Atia’s blessing forward through the Shrine. The return will then consist of additional fortune slips. These are only valid for one day. Fortune Slips may only be claimed after the axies have been stored in the wallet for a duration of three days without being registered.

Garuda Grove is home to the Garuda Shrine store. One can visualize their collected Fortune Slips and redeem them for on-chain rewards in the Garuda Shrine shop. The Garuda Shrine shop is available on App.Axie. 

Currently, work is in progress to enhance the land allotment function, which will also work to carry modifications.

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