A Deep Analysis of Security Token Platform “Polymath Network”

Anyone who keeps oneself brushed up with the concepts of cryptocurrencies is well aware of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings, which are used by firms and entities to pool in funds from potential investors in lieu of newly launched tokens. The recent times have witnessed regulatory bodies taking a stringent step towards the security and transparency standards of ICOs and the concerned firms. Many token sales have faced unfavorable outcomes for violating federal securities law. Such situations have paved the way for the entry of “securities tokens” in the crypto market.

Security Token Offering or STO is a kind of public offering mechanism in which tokenized digital securities are traded in cryptocurrency exchanges. The security token offerings are studded with crucial features of ICOs as well as traditional securities. Infused with the excellence of blockchain technology, STOs promise to abide by the legal regulations prevailing in the industry while pooling in the funds from the potential investors during the crowdfunding rounds. It assures the investors about the safety and security of their assets throughout the funding process. The security tokens are used for trading financial assets like equities and fixed income while the transactions are stored and validated on the blockchain network. One prominent platform offering the best security token services to customers worldwide is Polymath. The content given below will highlight the lucrative services offered by the Polymath platform to help you give a better understanding. Have a look:

About Polymath Network

Polymath takes pride in being a revolutionary security token platform that relies on the ST-20 token standard to assure compliance with government regulations at the time of issuance of virtual securities. The highly acclaimed platform collaborates with multiple KYC/AML providers to track down the identity, residency, and accreditation status of the investors willing to invest in the token. Unlike Ethereum, which provides utility tokens, Polymath provides its customers with equity in a firm. The process is fully in sync with the well-established regulatory requirements.

The native token offered by Polymath platform is POLY token, which presently has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 POLY. Thomas Borrel, the CPO of Polymath, once stated that the Securities Token Offerings have the potential to revolutionize and innovate the investment industry in a big way. By providing the customers with efficient tools for the creation, issuance, and management of digital securities on the blockchain network, Polymath has become a one-stop solution for a large number of crypto enthusiasts. Up until now, the revolutionary platform has deployed more than 100 tokens. The firm has managed to build a user-friendly interface for the investors using 12 with or more token holders.

What Makes Polymath Efficient?

  • The dedicated team of professionals working behind the core ecosystem of Polymath is in constant efforts to ease out the launch process of security tokens. The customers can issue security tokens directly through the Polymath Token Studio or by infusing the broker-dealer toolkit into their native offering.
  • Polymath bestows the customers with opportunities to customize their offerings, manage their tokens, and offer corporate guidance.
  • With the help of a white label solution, broker-dealers can team-up the technology into their individual platforms. The Polymath Token Studio helps the investors to configure, issue, and manage their digital tokens in a streamlined and simple manner in one place.
  • The Polymesh Blockchain is a purpose-built blockchain which has extra foundational layers to ensure regulatory compliance and streamlined security token creation, issuance, management, and liquidity. The built-in blockchain control lubricates asset functioning and restrains the duplication of forks.
  • The Polymath blockchain facilitates cross-jurisdiction, which eventually allows efficient trade execution and better liquidity.
  • Polymath is a proud leader in the creation of ERC1400, the Security Token Standard. It brings together new and existing standards with a view to creating a unified framework for all the security tokens. This feature helps to provide improved transparency, user experience, and also offers a wide range of supported assets.

In February, Polymath broke the news about its strategic partnership with a top cryptocurrency exchange, Archax. The event was seen as a major breakthrough for the Polymath Network, which is fast emerging as a potential securities token offering platform in the world. Know more about the crypto exchanges by clicking here.


Polymath Network strives to become an efficient solution for the complex technical challenges hovering over the launch of security tokens. It aims to integrate the multi-trillion-dollar financial securities market with blockchain technology. The firm aspires to strengthen the position of the security tokens in the crypto marketspace through its world-class blockchain technology and ST-20 standard protocol. The path-breaking platform, Polymath Network, aims to offer the highest security standards to its customers hailing from different parts of the world.

It will not be wrong to say that Polymath has the full potential to become a strong player in the crypto industry in the coming years.

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