A Look Into the Lucrative Features of Airfox and Its banQi App

Founded in 2016, AirFox shines as a revolutionary solution in the field of mobile communications that has simplified the proliferation of mobile-based financial services. Based in Boston, the platform works on the Ethereum blockchain to make banking services more accessible and user-friendly for a major section of the society. Being constituted by a team of ex-Google employees, AirFox employs the decentralized power of the blockchain via the digital ledger of the customer’s mobile phone data and proprietary credit score mechanisms to allow the users to earn rewards in the form of AirTokens.

With a view to attracting more and more customers worldwide, the AirFox network offers an efficient android app along with an AirFox browser. These apps allow mobile customers to get entitled to earn free AirTokens through advertising and also helps them to enjoy access to microloans anywhere and anytime as per their will. The firm has garnered trust and support from reputed industrial names in its short span of working. In 2019, AirFox entered into strategic partnerships with AI leader ZestFinance and Brazilian retail giant Via Varejo. The collaboration was aimed to provide a new microcredit solution infused with next-generation algorithmic structural infrastructure focused on risk elimination.

One of the most celebrated facilities offered by AirFox is banQi, which serves as a free, secured, and trustworthy banking service portal designed to cater to the requirements of the Brazilian communities by looking over the socioeconomic status. AirFox entered into a partnership with Mastercard Brazil, Cielo, and Zurich Insurance to popularize its banking platform and make it more approachable for a large number of people. Through its collaboration with Cielo, Latin America’s biggest payment processor, AirFox facilitated payment settlement through mobile phones using QR code scanning. This further simplified the payment system in the Brazilian territory.

About banQi

banQi takes pride in being one of the best product offerings of the AirFox team. The digital banking solution aims to streamline the payment settlement system for the underdeveloped communities of the Brazilian territory. The digital bank aspires to bring more and more people under the umbrella of legally regulated financial services to strengthen the crippled economy. banQi offers banking services for free of cost to a massive customer base. One can enjoy direct access to an array of financial services right through their mobile phones via the banQi app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

The digital bank was designed to ease out the burden of the complexities associated with the banking sector by streamlining processes and making them available at the click of a button. The banQi prepaid card or Mastercard allows the owners to indulge in everyday shopping or execute international transactions instantly without any struggle. Interestingly, the bank app allows people to use a virtual card until they receive their physical card for carrying out their operations.

Why choose banQi prepaid card?

  • The card does not involve payment of any hidden charges, fees, or annuity for use or no use.
  • As it is a prepaid card, one doesn’t have to worry about interest, overdraft, or any extra charge to be paid during the month-end.
  • The app helps the owner to keep track of his/her spending and savings.
  • The security code for the virtual card keeps changing from time to time, which helps to avoid data breach or fraud.
  • One can enjoy purchasing through the card from foreign stores or online with ease.

How To Get a banQi Card?

  • One needs to make a minimum deposit of $10.
  • The person gets access to the virtual card instantly. This card can be used in the same manner as the real card for purchasing.
  • Make a request for the physical card. The card shall be delivered within 15 business days after the request is made.
  • Once received, unlock the card in the app and start shopping.



AirFox is making financial and banking services available to one and all through its banQi app. The app ensures the highest standards of security for the customers and also allows them to enjoy hassle-free trading. This encourages people to come under the purview of the legalized banking sector and strengthen the economic sector as a whole.

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