A Moment Of Rejoice For Crypto Holders, As NetCents, Is All Set To Launch A Crypto Credit Card

Crypto markets have been on a rollercoaster ride for the past couple of years. First, the prices shot up significantly in 2017, with Bitcoin soaring as high as $20,000 apiece. What followed, however, in 2018 was paradoxical, as the bears rattled the entire crypto markets.

Nonetheless, bulls have steadily sneaked in since February this year, and the market looks somewhat calm and stable. One thing what’s confirmed in all this chaos is that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and they have a bright future. Many experts, economists, and analysts have touted digital tokens as the future of monetary systems around the world.

Crypto payments platform NetCents recently confirmed that it is launching a crypto credit card. On Monday, the company posted a picture on Twitter, of the card design selected.

JPMorgan Chase, world’s largest bank recently launched the JPM Coin; a stablecoin focused at cross-border transactions. Emergence of such an important player of the global banking scene on the crypto space speaks volumes for itself. This created a great stir in the market, and possibilities of cryptocurrencies taking over traditional banking functions are no longer deemed impossible.

NetCents has been working tirelessly to capitalize on the opportunities the crypto-banking integration has in store. Earlier in March, it launched its Crypto Banking Stack, which allows banks and financial institutions to give their clients options of crypto transactions and payments processing.

Also, last month, NetCents witnessed a steep rise in demand from merchants belonging to the payments, banking, and retail sectors. In the blog shared on Twitter, NetCents Chief Revenue Officer, Jenn Lowther said,

Take that in for a minute. JP Morgan. Starbucks. Facebook.

These aren’t your typical early adopter merchants who push for something they believe in; they are Fortune 500 companies that fully test the waters behind the scenes prior to any public announcements.

The crypto space requires innovative solutions to accommodate different type of users and customers. The changing market scenarios have made integration of traditional banking and cryptocurrencies possible and hence demand newer crypto solutions. Prior to NetCents, many crypto companies have launched crypto credit cards. Some of the earliest crypto cards include TenX, Nexo, Monaco, and Bankera. And, for additional details, check out our Nexo review.

Following NetCents tweet on Monday, Verge Currency (XVG) also shared a few pictures of the design on Twitter. XVG is the cryptocurrency which will be powering the NetCents credit card.

The Vancouver-based crypto payments platform operates in over 55 countries with more than 36 fiat currencies. NetCents has been redefining crypto payments, by combining innovative tech and a creative approach to tackle the outdated payment systems of the world.

On the other hand, Verge cryptocurrency is aimed at everyday usability and user-friendly interface. Launched in 2014, the token is based on the original Bitcoin Blockchain while making certain improvements on the platform.

Scott Cook

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