A New Android App for Crypto Shopping Created by Dash

Imagine a world where you would not be using money to buy your favorite stuff from your favorite shop? The crypto token in your ‘wallet’ would serve the purpose. The world, indeed, is heading that way and needless to say, the retail sector is also warming up to it.

Thinking in those lines, Dash created a new app Discover Dash app, which will make retail therapy easier. This app will make it easier to discover the closest retail shops where cryptocurrency is accepted. It must be mentioned here that the app has over 4,800 merchants registered under various categories of art and entertainment, food and drinks, and business services.

The app provides information about the merchants who have integrated Dash payments. The app will pick up the user’s location and immediately inform about the closest stores that accept Dash, the thirteenth biggest cryptocurrency. It also offers automatic translation into Spanish, English, and Russian. The new Android app is a joint effort between Dash Force, which is a treasury funded organization and the Really Bad Apps, which is a development group.

The app is based on the concept of DiscoverDash.com, which is an online app with live chat support. It was launched in 2017. The Crypto Winter of December 2018 affected the cryptocurrency industry in a major way, but the launch of the application is said to have been minimal. Experts believe that this would be a great return on investment, given its wide outreach and popularity. The main drive, however, was given by Really Bad Apps, which was convinced about the success of the app. The team had been passionate about the project, especially because it could help Dash customers trace retain outlets where the token will be used. That way the community will also grow.

Dash has come a long way in terms of evolution, and it has miles to cover before its journey finally comes to an end. There will be a number of decentralized apps, and some of them might also be the next-level evolution, better than the Dash app itself. Joel Venezuela, the public outreach officer for Dash Force, said,

“I would be more than happy to see Discover Dash obsoleted by superior service, and would be absolutely thrilled to see it made into a proper Evolution dApp.”

He further said that despite that Dash would always be close to his heart, given the revolutionary concept it has and the way it serves the need of the Dash community.

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