A New Era in EOS Development with the ENF Grant Framework

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is devoted to uplifting devs, companies, and folks who want to build on the EOS blockchain. Already, the ENF has made big progress in facilitating community-driven initiatives to fix a range of difficulties, retain the talented, and add substantial value to the EOS ecosystem through the financing of recognition grants, Pomelo, and Eden.

The ENF has already been able to fund task forces that produced Blue Papers through numerous direct grants, allowing it to recognize and start work on crucial developmental areas. Funding has also been dispersed to or slated for a few partners operating to advance EOS network interests, ranging from EOS Support to the recent API+ Transaction Lifecycle Proposal agreement with OCI.

Until now, the methodology has had to be ad hoc and administered internally. What’s been lacking is a simplified and expandable grant framework to manage various funding requests.

The Grant Framework came into focus in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the ENF’s intention to establish such a funding mechanism was first revealed here: Grant Framework Towards A Stronger Future. A great deal of thought and consideration has gone into meeting the interests of the developer community.

The EOS Network Foundation Grant Framework, supported by an all-star cast of EOS community members, business leaders, and developers, is a major new pillar of support for the EOS ecosystem.

The EOS Network will enter a new era of development opportunities previously unavailable to network participants with access to an efficient, transparent, and milestone-driven grant investment framework.

Individuals, small teams, and businesses are all welcome to apply for grants through the ENF Grant Framework, with grants scaled to fit the scope of each initiative. All projects are encouraged to apply for grants; however, those with strong technical projects that contribute to the public good will be given priority.

ENF Grants have specific guidelines, an application process, a multi-stage approval process, and a pay-out system based on milestones. The following are some examples of popular grant categories: Core EOSIO Chain / Sub-modules, Development Tools, UI Development, Backend Development, and Cryptography.

Grants are available to both “for-profit” and “public good” entities, to benefit the EOS ecosystem with all grants. Applicants are advised to consult the acceptance recommendations to increase their chances of success.

Grant proposals are accepted at three levels, with varying amounts and acceptance criteria. Each grant level has different requirements and benefits that are proportionate to the size and scope of the project and the funding level in question. The Grant Committee reviews and administers grant applications. The ENF is fortunate to have senior EOS community members serving on this committee. These are forward-thinking business leaders and developers who are well-versed in EOS Ecosystem priorities and will make initial funding decisions following program guidelines.

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