A new PAMM offering goes live on ThinkMarkets

ThinkMarkets has announced the launch of a new product in the emerging market. This is expected to help partners and clients in more than one way. The new PAMM offering complements the rising demand of the trading community, allowing them to allocate funds as per their preference.

Money Managers can continue gathering the community; however, traders will be in power to monitor their performance in real-time and then take a call about who they want as their Money Manager. The manager who is selected at ThinkMarkets by the trader gains access to their funds with the power to invest it for a better return.

The platform is indeed intuitive and innovative, with extended support for flexible fee options. The new PAMM offering further supports a hundred percent precision in the allocation of assets. Traders and Money Managers equally retain access to advanced reporting features.

Needless to say, the leaderboard is dynamic and undergoes a lot of change based on how Money Managers are performing at a given time.

Emerging markets are more volatile, requiring someone with more experience to handle the investments. However, there is a slight chance of them experiencing lag in the bearish market trend. Since not every trader goes through the same level of loss, there is a dire need to offer a customizable option to traders who can track the performance at their fingertips.

Faizan Anees from ThinkMarkets has talked about the development. The Co-Founder of the venture has highlighted that ThinkMarkets believes in offering compelling products in the market. That has taken the brand to new heights, along with the deployment of strong customer service and reliable technological infrastructure. What now makes ThinkMarkets one of the best forex trading platforms is the roadmap that it has set for the future. Calling this development the latest in the pipeline, Faizan has hinted that a lot more initiatives are on their way to be rolled out in the next 12 months with the ultimate goal of enhancing their offering.

Founded in 2010, ThinkMarkets has regulatory approvals from authorities like ASIC, FCA, and JFSA, among others. It offers products including, but not limited to, indices, forex, cryptocurrency CFDs, and commodities. Currencies supported by ThinkMarkets are USD, GBP, and EUR. More currencies can be checked at our ThinkMarkets broker review. The trading platform aims to support trades of all levels – from beginners to experts.

The two unique features that set ThinkMarkets aside in the market are Negative Balance Protection and Leverage.

ThinkMarkets is said to not offer any promotional service to its clients; however, it offers the assurance of narrow-spread betting within the market. The launch of the new PAMM offering by ThinkMarkets kickstarts the roadmap, where the trading platform is looking to roll out more upgrades by the end of this year.


Money Managers retain the right to invest funds on behalf of the clients with 100% precision in their allocation.

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