A Survey Done Shows Interesting Facts About Amazon

Amazon is a giant company which sells almost everything which is purchasable under the sun, through its platform. However, its customers are expecting more from the platform. They are searching for items like medical marijuana and cryptocurrency, and they are not getting served by the Amazon. People want Amazon to sell prescription drugs and other things as per the survey conducted by Investing.com.

The survey considered the age group of 18-84 and questioned 1,013 people who are active Amazon shoppers. Among all people surveyed, around 59.5% were identified as millennials, and 28% were Generation X people. The users were both Prime members and non-Prime members of Amazon.

The survey asked these people that which products these people are comfortable purchasing from Amazon platform! Of all 1013 respondents, 36.7% said they would like to buy prescription drugs on the platform, 29.5% voted for medical marijuana, 16% said it would be great to book a doctors’ visits through Amazon while, 12.7% were suggesting cryptocurrencies.

The survey is indicating the active customer base Amazon has, however, at the same time, it is showing the overall picture of the crypto, as the least percentage of the surveyed population is interested in buying crypto on Amazon like platforms.

One of the possible reasons behind such a small demand for crypto in the market is the lack of awareness among the general population about this new age currency and blockchain technology. Plus, financial advisors would have to take the initiative in introducing this form of asset to their clients; as 73% of millennials said that they would consider investing in crypto if their financial advisers recommend so.

Even though the awareness related to crypto is less and the education about this form of asset is not given widely, 69% of all respondents stated that they would like to learn more about this technology. While all this is happening at present, a week ago, Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao predicted that Amazon would have to introduce its own cryptocurrency sooner or later.

Zhou also expressed his thoughts by saying that when it comes to any online business, not accepting cryptocurrency does not really make sense. This way of payment is easier and faster, plus it is more secure as compared to the traditional modes of payment.

In fact, Amazon has already started making efforts in the blockchain space. Last year, news came out stating that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched blockchain services, which are namely Quantum Ledger Database and Amazon Managed Blockchain.

Amazon Managed Blockchain enables to set up and manage blockchain network; while Quantum Ledger Database provides a transparent and cryptographically verifiable transaction log. However, the idea got dismissed.

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