A Virtual Experience of Retail Banking International Conference & Awards 2020

London—Be part of a virtual experience and join in on June 24, for the 35th Retail Banker International Conference & Awards 2020. Engaging networking opportunities and cutting-edge content specifically for the retail banking industry direct to your screen.

Due to overwhelming demand from our International readership of leading Banks, Building Societies, Challenger Banks, and Fintechs and to allow as much International coverage and participation as possible for the virtual event we are moving the date to Wednesday 24th June. This is also an opportunity for the Awards to be truly representative of its International audience.

There are 22 prestigious awards to be awarded: correlating directly to the key areas of retail banking practices ranging from channel innovation, products, and services, best institutions by market jurisdiction, and many more.

Retail Banking International provides the ideal platform to talk about the impact of the crisis on the finance industry and further demonstrates the need for the retail banking sector to push on through vibrant and reputable fintech innovation. At this one-day event, you will explore how the market is coping with the transition from traditional banking methods into more digitally focused channels and the impact this has on the design for a better customer journey.

  1. Minding the Customer Gap: Building Bridges for Better Banking. Deepening customer relationships through innovative digital payment solutions by creating platforms that are safer, quicker, and easier to use for customers. Marion King, Director of Payments, NatWest will discuss more on taking advantage of the PSD2 directive to boost competition through the creation of a variety of digital and physical products in the banking, card, and payment space.
  2. The Role of the Bank as Coach and Companion to support each customer on their journey: Talking frankly about the real experiences of a young person embarking on life in the real world to identify where banks are missing out on a great opportunity. Melissa Ocampo, Head of Sustainability Retail Banking, HSBC, will present in this session and will look at the bank’s role in helping individuals to achieve financial resilience for a win/win situation.
  3. Payment and API Strategy: Exploring the Bank of England’s role in the payment system and the use of APIs to open up a settlement. The importance of global and domestic data standards and the changes that are coming to find opportunity in the transitioning banking landscape. A Discussion that will be lead by William Lovell, Head of Future Technology, Bank of England.
  4. The Impact of FinTech Innovation on the Banking Sector: What has been the impact of FinTech innovation on the banking sector? How can we measure that impact? What is the likely future impact? What themes and trends do we see with both FinTechs and Banks? Ravi Bella, Head of Group Design, Lloyds will present on the emerging challenges and opportunities of Fintech in the banking sector.
  5. The Ticking Time Bomb—It’s not whether it’s when; are you Cybersecurity prepared?: Looking at Digital infrastructure to ensure a service that’s safe, secure, and functional for confident customer use. Becky Pinkard, CISO, Aldermore, will delve more into raising cybersecurity levels; The contribution of FIs and security teams to comply with Regtech to ensure operational resilience.
  6. The Current Banking Paradigm—Omnichannel & Optichannel: Analysing the effectiveness of a multichannel approach as an intricate infrastructure to give a seamless experience to the customer. Anand Kumar, Deputy Chief Executive UK, Union Bank of India, will present more on this while focusing on targeted, relevant, and specific communication to develop stronger banking relationships.
  7. Using Inclusive Design to Drive Innovation in the Digital Customer Experience: Taking innovation to the next level by developing unique technology solutions that can meet the needs of the bank’s diverse customer base to be more ethical and inclusive of all demographics. Pamela Hilborn, SVP Global Head of Design, Digital Banking, Scotia Bank, will give a talk on driving accessibility through technology to provide solutions for every customer need whilst fostering a better banking relationship.
  8. The Innovation Race—Creating Great Customer Experience, Fast: Rethinking customer experience from both physical and technological standpoints in light of the rapid pace of innovation. Kunal Malani, Chief Growth Officer, Tandem, will go on to explain more on this while understanding the implications of segmentation and how different groups bank to develop different banking features for new experiences.

Ravi Bella, Head of Group Design, Lloyds, one of our speakers said in the build-up to this conference:

“It is with great pleasure to be presenting at what is now a virtual Retail Banking International Conference & Awards. Across retail banks we are working tirelessly to minimize the impact and pressure on our customers under the Covid-19 strain; businesses and we as individuals are feeling its effects. However, we must use the circumstances to come together and continue to learn for a more sustainable future. Spare an hour by joining me at this must-attend virtual event as I give a presentation on the emerging challenges and opportunities of Fintech in the banking sector.” 

More information available on https://arena-international.com/rbi/

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