Aave Labs announces the Aave V4 roadmap

Aave Labs has announced launching Aave V4 in mid-2025. This forms part of a broader initiative titled Aave 2030. It further marks an improvement to several protocol features to upgrade its lending platform tremendously. An alternative objective is to set a higher benchmark in the DeFi industry.

Some improvements include introducing improved support for GHO and lower transaction fees. The roadmap is in the advanced stage, with such functionalities less likely to be taken back unless there is a major technical uproar that potentially hampers the ecosystem’s security and performance. Both functionalities are part of a set of features that will be bagged in Aave V4.

Another feature is automating the calculation of the borrowing proposal’s interest rate. It will extend to a part of the DAO governance process, with DAO being an acronym for Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Aave Labs issued an official statement, calling it a major advancement in the field of DeFi. Aave Labs also highlighted that new functionalities have been engineered to establish new frontiers in risk management, capital efficiency, and scalability.

The launch of Aave 2030 initiatives was done to dramatically overhaul the protocol’s look and aesthetics by 2030. Aave V4 is tentatively slated to go live in mid-2025.

While the launch is pretty distant from the current time, the effects are already tangible. AAVE, the native token of the ecosystem, is up by 3.54% for a value of $83.33. However, it remains down by 7.09% in the last 7 days and 28.49% in the previous 30 days. The market cap has surged by 3.85%, reaching $1.2 billion when articulating this piece. The 24-hour trade volume has dipped by 7.32%.

Nevertheless, most of the trade in the last 24 hours has been in green, which means that it has been profitable compared to recent times. That said, AAVE is testing the resistance at $80 to eventually peak at $100 by the end of this year. The target is plausible, for the crypto market has been heavily invested in the correction phase since Bitcoin’s Halving.

As for Aave V4, the roadmap has hinted at the coming improvements to the lending protocol. Thereby defining a new way for the community to expect the ecosystem to grow. There is no cap on the number of features or improvements that can make their way to Aave V4 or Aave 2030. Hence, it is safe to assume that a lot is coming based on how the community engages with the platform.

Most improvements to Aave’s protocol are based on market demands and conditions. They remain subject to further improvements depending on what community members say about them.

Moving forward, more announcements are expected from Aave Labs to guide the development of V4.

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