Aave Utilizes Forta for All Safety and Controlling Issues

Forta is extremely enthusiastic and takes immense pride and pleasure in making their grand announcement of the very fact that Aave, which happens to be one of the many top-notch DeFi protocols, is utilizing the services and potential of Forta to be able to successfully and very effectively supervise, oversee and in the end, control all significant issues related to all of the protocol operational matters. In this context, all safety and security matters also take precedence. 

To better understand the functioning of Aave, it happens to be a decentralized and non-custodial liquidity-oriented protocol. Through this protocol, users find themselves in the position of playing the roles of either being a supplier or a borrower. In this case scenario, the suppliers get engaged in offering the markets the required liquidity and earning suitable amounts of interest. In the case of the borrowers, however, they find themselves in the convenient position of being able to borrow according to their requirements by putting forth the assets that have been supplied.

The Aave community has prioritized operational and security quality since the protocol’s release in 2020. The Bored Ghost Developer team has deployed a set of Forta bots to monitor various important on-chain infrastructures throughout the past month. Furthermore, the Aave DAO wanted to get stakeholders involved in the monitoring process and give the community access to real-time security data.

The Aave Grants Team collaborated with the US-based Web3 security and assessment company Arbitrary Execution to determine the monitoring needs. With funding from the Aave Grants Program, Arbitrary Execution finished developing the bot.


According to the Aave Grants DAO representative, Bill Zerox, and understanding what he spells out, they are very pleased and feel the positive vibes emanating from the fact of utilizing the Forta network because of the simple fact that it is Forta which has in its fold, some of the very highly rated experts and experienced safety related researchers, which in turn will prove to be an immense asset in every which way.   

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