Aavegotchi DAO makes an impressive entry in The Sandbox Game

Players are cordially invited to partake in an interactive cross-universe Aavegotchi game from November 9 to November 23. The game was conceptualized and developed within The Sandbox, with production overseen by Gotchi French Army (GFA) Studio. The game will provide players with the opportunity to explore the Aavegotchi universe and embark on an exhilarating voyage beyond the confines of the Gotchiverse Citadel.

Everything started in October 2022, when the GFA commented live on Twitch about the Aavegotchi initiative. The community members recommended that The Sandbox feature an Aavegotchi exposure. The GFA Studio, the group responsible for developing the Aavegotchi and The Sandbox Proof of Concept (POC) exposure, was established as preparations commenced for its formation. On January 14, 2023, the POC was introduced to the Aavegotchi community with the purpose of gathering feedback and opinions.

The GFA team subsequently recommended to the DAO that the initiation process be initiated. The establishment of the GMF (Game Maker Fund) occurred in February 2023. The project was officially unveiled in March 2023, subsequent to deliberations among the GFA team and Sebastian Borget and with the support of the DAO and The Sandbox GMF. Investigating the potential of connecting ecosystems emerged as the primary objective of GFA Studio. 

To access their free avatars, Gotchi owners need only link their Aavegotchi wallet to their The Sandbox account. As an external Avatar collection, nearly 20,000 gotchis have been relocated to The Sandbox. Thaave set, Bushido set, and Pets set are the components of the Aavegotchi OG Equipment Collection.

More than 50,000 SAND and 500 GHST will be allocated to players taking part in the event and finishing all in-game queries. There will be gated pools of rewards targeting the Avatar 15K and equipment 35K holders, which will be released amongst the players of Ripple Of The Gotchiverse Experience. Specific social contests will be held, along with giveaways and airdrops, for the benefit of the community. 

The Sandbox made the strategic decision to collaborate with Pixelcraft Studio, the developers of the Aavegotchi project, in order to produce an appropriate narrative. Among the numerous artists who are members of the GFA community is Stellar Hobbes. An airdrop of 50 IRL volumes will be granted to anyone who possesses even a single segment of the Bushido Set.

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