Aavegotchi to use Base as a settlement layer for Gotchichain

Base will be employed by Aavegotchi as the settlement layer for their impending Layer 3 rollup for Aavegotchi gaming, Gotchichain. Base is a preeminent Layer 2 chain that Coinbase developed using an adaptable EVM. It offers a cost-effective and secure approach to developing on-chain and maintaining synchronization with Ethereum.

As per Coderdan, the CEO of Pixelcraft Studios, the Aavegotchi Gaming Console, powered by the frameworks of Gotchichain and Base, will offer an unprecedented level of on-chain, open-source gaming. In his opinion, the expeditious and upgradable Layer 2 technology is extremely beneficial.

The introduction of Gotchichain is anticipated for the second quarter of 2024. Its primary purpose is to secure player profiles, game progress, and assets while bolstering the Aavegotchi Gaming Console.

Jesse Pollak, the founder of Base, stated that the platform’s purpose is to support innovative endeavors that enable universal participation on-chain and increase user visibility. They eagerly anticipate seeing how Gotchichain will revolutionize player engagement and interaction in the expanding on-chain gaming industry. This will be achieved by capitalizing on their L2 potential in terms of transactional cost-effectiveness and upgradability.

In addition, they are leveraging the assistance of collaboration to connect with the Base to investigate different ways of utilizing the Optimism stack or improving the Gotchichain even further. By facilitating governance, shared interoperability, and sequencing, the Optimism stack establishes the foundation for a superchain of L2s and enables the construction of a unified ecosystem with upgradability services.

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