Abyss World links up with the Chainlink BUILD program

Abyss World has joined the Chainlink BUILD initiative. This will help to accelerate the process of growing the ecosystem and acceptance of Web3 gaming by increasing access to Chainlink’s high-quality Oracle solutions and technical backing. It will also promote additional crypto economic security and, in exchange, will be accountable for providing network fees and other benefits to the Chainlink community, service providers, and stakers. 

Metagame Industries, the firm that created Abyss World, prefers Chainlink, and a pre-beta version of the Abyss World game was shown to gamers at PreGame, SmartCon 2023’s premier satellite gaming event. Their connection with BUILD helps to increase their integration with Chainlink.

The Abyss World game’s story centered around Nordinia, an imaginative realm. It is brimming with fantastic occurrences and populated by a diverse cast of characters. The Sea of Shadows separates and influences the continents, resulting in intriguing situations.

Abyss World’s long-term goal is to create a large and interconnected gaming universe based on the Abyss World IP, including a variety of AAA-style titles. The final goal is to develop a streamlined game arena in Nordinia utilizing Web3 technology.

The reason Abyss World connected with BUILD was to optimize variables relating to safety and reliability provided by Chainlink’s Oracle foundation. Being affiliated with BUILD will provide Abyss World with significant benefits, such as linking with and incorporating Chainlink CCIP.

This will allow for easy omni-chain game asset exposure. In addition, there will be a possibility to interact with Chainlink product alpha and beta introductions. In exchange, Abyss World will distribute a portion of its traditional token collection to Chainlink service providers and stakeholders.

According to Kinson Hou, Co-Founder of Metagame Industries, Abyss World aims to create a pleasant gameplay experience within the Web3 industry. This requires Chainlink’s Oracle solutions. Connecting with Chainlink BUILD provides access to a variety of similar projects, allowing you to take your idea to the next level.

Chainlink is the industry standard for decentralized computing systems, handling massive volumes of transactions by providing real-time data, off-chain computing, and secure cross-chain interoperability to financial institutions, startups, and developers.


Metagame Industries created the Abyss World IP and assembled a collection of top-tier AAA games to form an Omni-Chain AAA meta-game matrix.

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