Acala Network intends to adopt JitoSOL within its platform

Acala Network has incorporated JitoSOL within its platform and decentralized applications to offer better liquidity and yield options targeting Acala users.  

A liquidity layer like Acala Network is a foundation segment within the Blockchain ecosystem, bringing about effective capital flow and liquidity supply throughout multiple Blockchain networks. 

The liquidity layers initiate smooth interoperability among separate Blockchain layers, such as layers 1, 2, 3, and 0. By acting as a core liquidity space, the liquidity layers allow users to increase capital effectiveness and availability issues regarding an entire array of DeFi solutions. 

JitoSOL is a liquid staking solution on the Solana Blockchain. It offers users the option of staking their SOL tokens in return for JitoSOL ones. These offer liquidity and add value via staking rewards and maximum extractable value (MEV) rewards. 

The highlighting features of JitoSOL involve dual rewards, top-standard validators, compatible DeFi incorporations, and government, and community involvement. 

The goal of Acala is to be utilized as liquidity layer X in every Blockchain, having the capacity to back every layer service. The adoption of JitoSOL is a major move in this direction, with Acala users gaining the advantage of Solana’s staking rewards, MEV yield, Acala’s DeFi attributes, and conventional rewards.

Through the incorporation of JitoSOL, Acala has plans to improve the potential of its platform and offer users maximum liquidity and capital effectiveness. 

Acala Network is a decentralized finance network and liquidity wing of Polkadot. It provides an array of decentralized finance-based applications, such as Euphrates, a multichain liquidity allocation base. 


Jito Foundation has been created to further decentralized finance (DeFi) via inventiveness, similar to JitoSOL, a top liquid staking solution on the Solana Blockchain.

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