AccuWeather & Chainlink’s Weather Data in Blockchains

AccuWeather, which has been leading the world in digital media and global weather, has decided to incorporate its top-rated pool of weather information into the Blockchain network. They will do so by launching a node of Chainlink. Chainlink has already made its place among the eminent intermediary blockchain software or middleware in the industry. Its highly secure infrastructure has ensured that any blockchain can access the application programming interfaces (APIs) and be compatible without any hassle. AccuWeather will be using their Chainlink node to disburse and transact their data to clients dealing in smart contract protocol apps and operating on a variety of blockchains. To remove any doubt about whether Chainlink owns the node, they will cryptographically incorporate their brand signature on the data.

Recently, a significant number of smart contracts for the weather monitoring sector are being constructed on the blockchain. In order to support their smooth functioning, it is imperative to supply them with quality weather data, hence, the decision to connect AccuWeather’s data with blockchain networks. The higher the accuracy of the data, the better will be the automated output of weather condition forecasts by smart contracts.

Given the unprecedented fluctuations in climate due to global warming, the need of the hour is to develop products that enable users to access economic tools and guard against sudden weather hazards. For instance, AccuWeather data can be used to provide insurance for parametric crops and against natural disasters. While small-scale industries have already been employing AccuWeather information sets for their operations, integrating such data into blockchain has not been possible yet due to the inability of Blockchains to connect externally with APIs.

For this, an external oracle like Chainlink price forecast is needed to connect the AccuWeather data into the blockchain networks for use by smart contracts. The reasons for choosing Chainlink are manifold. It is the most popular smart contract solution. It has had a history of supporting numerous weather-based applications like Arbol and Etherisc on blockchains that provide insurance facilities for parametric crops.

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