Achain 2.0 Developer DApp Incentive Plan Launched With Main Network Launch

Achain Public platform has released a public statement today that its Achain 2.0 main network will see an official launch on October 31 this year. Along with the announcement, it has introduced a DApp Incentive Plan, in which successful DApps can earn up to 1 million as ACT rewards.

The trial network had been launched on July 29 this year. Since then, it was under consistent evaluation and stringent testing and has reportedly passed the trial period. The test network will undergo an upgradation as a part of the main network.

Achain is a public platform, which enables developers at all levels to issue tokens, to develop blockchain systems and decentralized applications. It also ventures into creating smart contracts. It aims to build a worldwide blockchain network of information exchange and value transactions.

With its persistent efforts to develop single blockchains and multi-blockchain networks, Achain has customized its technological expertise according to market trends and demands.

Features of the Achain 2.0 V1.1 Main Network

In the main version, Achain has developed several new astonishing features that were lacking in the previous trial version.

Apart from the existing features including high scalability, the additional features in the new version will include the realization of decoupled chains, contract development tools, project framework upgrading, DApp charging improvement, which restructures DApp deployment, operation, and security.

The Achain technical experts have tested the transaction on trial net over two strenuous months. They also have tested basic account creation features over time.

The present version is highly active, with 300 accounts and 3000 transactions. The new version proved to be highly secure, steady, with large scalability and high concurrency DApp.

Achain is determined to develop a more powerful galaxy community in the future. The Achain galaxy will have a block specific task. Some will have high TPS and some will focus on privacy or transparency. The chains will be interconnected through a multi-chain network based on cross-chain technology.

Achain’s DApp Incentive Plan, which can reward up to 1 million as ACTs is ready to launch on October 10, and developers and technocrats are being invited to earn the rewards.

More about Achain

Achain is a public blockchain, which has pioneered in the research and development process of single and multi blockchains. It has provided a strong and reliable infrastructure for developers to build expansive ecosystems on an expansive galaxy of Achain.

The first stage of the main network was a single chain network that facilitated business development. The team then launched upgraded version 2.0, which works on the lines of galaxy network technology.

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