Across is now available on Linea

Across is now available on Linea. A close collaboration between the Across and Linea teams resulted in the development of the integration. This will increase Across’ presence on Layer 2 and facilitate access to the zkEVM solution and the applications comprising its ecosystem.

Linea, an emerging Layer 2 solution, was created by ConsenSys, the Ethereum development firm renowned for its contributions to the MetaMask and Infura projects. Prior to launching Linea, ConsenSys devoted nearly two years to investigating Layer 2 technologies.

In contrast to several of the initial Layer 2 rollups, Linea is a zero-knowledge proof-compatible zkEVM. Presently, Linea holds approximately $400 million in secured value, placing it among the ZK-Rollup chains with the most rapid growth, according to L2BEAT data.

Linea provides Layer 2 users with the same advantages as other zkEVMs: superior base layer security, low fees, and swift confirmation. Additionally, it integrates premium Web3 products manufactured by ConsenSys and employs an advanced system known as the Vortex Prover, which is a variant of zkProof that optimizes the functionality of Linea.

Launching Linea further establishes Across’s position in the Layer 2 ecosystem. Linea is currently one of the top chains in the ecosystem, and Across is dedicated to helping Layer 2 flourish. Across provides connections to every other chain that is compatible with Linea.

This integration provides cross-chain users with a cost-effective means of accessing Linea’s nascent ecosystem by leveraging Across’ intents-based framework. Users of Loyal Across are already acclimated to navigating Layer 2 without difficulty; they now have a more expansive area to investigate.

The Layer 2 ecosystem is anticipated to benefit from Linea’s zkEVM solution. Linea provides an ideal environment for developers to implement scalable applications by leveraging its cutting-edge zkEVM technology. The intents-based architecture of Across is a significant advantage for Linea. Across is exceptionally quick and economical for users, as it employs relayers to fulfill orders in response to their intent. The system optimizes gas, saving users money.

Across revamped the Layer 2 environment with new features provided in V3. Linea developers may provide customers with a variety of multi-chain activities through a single interface thanks to Across+, which allows users to request a transfer “+ action” at a destination using hooks.

As a result, it is regarded as a significant advancement in cross-chain interoperability, a prevalent theme in the cryptocurrency industry. In conjunction with the expansion of the top layer, the Layer 2 ecosystem must bond with Ethereum. Across is facilitating seamless interoperability among the intentions of emerging chains, thereby enhancing the value of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

Overall, Across provides the Linea ecosystem with novel opportunities. Hooks and other features that push the boundaries of cross-chain interoperability are a few of the advantages that Linea’s sophisticated design affords to both users and developers.

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