Actor in Thailand involved in a major scam related to cryptocurrency


Scams in the field of virtual currency have been tarnishing its reputation for a long period of time. And in spite of regulations, scams have been plaguing the field of cryptocurrency. Recently, a popular soap opera actor called Jiratpisit Jaravajit, also known as “Boom”, has been accused of carrying out a scam through the means of cryptocurrency. Boom along with his sibling has been accused of causing a scam of one billion baht, however, Boom has been maintaining innocence even as there is sufficient evidence in the court suggesting otherwise. The Crime Suppression Division has a record of evidence against him; it also has the information about an electronic account owned by the actor.

Boom continues to maintain that he has nothing to do with the case and has also gone onto say that he does not have anything to do with the person who is a prime suspect in the case, that is, his elder brother. According to the sources involved in the alleged case of the scam, a business offering was made to the investors stating that they would gain access to stock, however, this did not happen, it was after this that a complaint was lodged, against Boom and his brother by the businessman Aarni Otava Saarimaa.


Another culprit, in this case, is Srisuwan, who is believed to have been a broker, the one to carry out the deal between Boom and his accomplices and Saarimaa, even though he pleads guilty, he will still be charged with fraud considering that the money taken from Saarimaa was $24 million. Bitcoin and Baht were exchanged and through the means of several bank accounts, the scam was carried out by Boom and his accomplices and Saarimaa was duped off this substantial amount.

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