Acurast incorporates peaq to decentralized cloud computing solutions

Acurast incorporates peaq for positioning its multifaceted oracle on peaq, and provides its off-chain computing layer to peaq conventional DePINs as a substitute for centralized cloud solutions. Added to that is connecting with peaq IDs for devices on its DePIN.

The cloud market is growing exponentially and could reach $1.2 trillion by 2028. Cloud computing is the benchmark for present-day applications, with Web3 applications also coming within the fold. This is where Amazon Web Solutions comes into the picture. Some negatives include high costs, real ownership, privacy, and upgradability factors.

Acurast is reconstructing cloud computing with its mobile-first DePIN, providing multiple solutions such as disbursed compute for Web2 and Web3 builders, data feeds, and on-demand oracles that can offer data when necessary. Acurast is linking with the peaq ecosystem as a distributed cloud solution provider for DePINs being developed conventionally on peaq.

Acurast will be positioning its oracle on peaq to offer it on-demand off-chain data, a segment of the incorporation. It will make its network available for DePINs creating conventionally on peaq for allowing them to operate their ff-chain segments in a decentralized fashion. Additionally, it will be scouring the possibility of dressing the smart phones on its DePIN for authenticating the released data by the devices, allowing communities the option of buying the devices.

In the words of the Co-Founder of Acurast, Alessandro De Carli, disbursed cloud computing is the way forward towards real decentralization. Making it available to the DePINs on peaq will be most welcome. 

In the opinion of the Co-Founder of peaq, Till Wendler, Web3 cloud computing is necessary for the decentralization of dApps and DePINs. 

peaq is a blockchain meant for real-time applications. The peaq Layer 1 blockchain allows users to develop decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIMs) for activities such as car sharing, street mapping, noise pollution and many others. 

Acurast, conversely, is a serverless, decentralized cloud wherein users can merge with the cloud via their mobile phones. This is done through the provision of compute potential and the earning of rewards. It offers builders total permissionless connectivity with computing, which is trustless and cost-effective for positioning applications.

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