Adidas Originals X BAPE: Launches sneakers with Metaverse twist

Adidas Originals and BAPE have come together to unveil exclusive sneakers. These are being introduced with a twist of the metaverse. Tilted Triple-White Forum 84 BAPE Low, the product has begun gaining traction as a digital twin that brings together the potential of technology and metaverse. Adidas Originals and BAPE are clothing companies that are now officially venturing on an unconventional road with this launch.

There will be a total of a hundred pairs of sneakers coming out on August 22, 2023. The date has been confirmed by Adidas Originals, adding that the collection will sport a limited edition rollout.

An image of the product has been made public. While it features a plain white color scheme, Adidas Originals, and BAPE are pitching it in terms of a canvas where one can paint their stories. It is clever already for them to link the product with the digital world; however, the flawless color scheme gains exclusivity only by gaining up for an auction. The exclusivity and announcement of the limited edition collection are likely to pitch the results in its favor more than expected.

The digital twin sees the light, courtesy of the creativity put forward by Adidas /// Studio. The brand has been elevating the NFT experience of its community through Adidas Collect. There have been instances where Adidas was seen experimenting with the auction structure. It is difficult to claim if it has found the right structure at the moment. The goal is definitely to lead the illustrious history with significant experiments.

Making the digital twins special is the feature that gives the owner the ability to join the metaverse. This is an interoperable connection to the ALTS avatar project of Adidas.

Also, Adidas has hinted that the holders of the token may possess the ability to turn their tokens into digital avatars. Meaning it will take forward the fashion and virtual reality industry. As for the auction, it will close after 72 hours, that is, on August 25, 2023, at 4 pm CET. This will be a hard close with no possibility of extending the time window.

Following that, holders of the digital twin will have a chance to redeem one pair on September 26, 2023. This can be done at Adidas Collect. Physical pairs will begin getting shipped by the brand sometime in October this year. Announcements pertaining to the same will be made on the official social media handles of Adidas Originals and BAPE.

The auction that starts everything will be hosted by Adidas Collect. Every NFT will represent a single shoe. Hence, converting a hundred NFTs into a hundred shoes. The forum pass has to be acquired for participation. One holder can transfer the pass to another holder as a freely tradable ERC1155 NFT. The minimum bid price has been set to 0.3 ETH. The current structure of auction divides the entire supply on the basis of its size.

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