Aera joins Polygon to connect DeFi with DAO Treasury Management

Aera, which happens to be a reward-oriented management program in the case of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), is duly connecting with Polygon. This occurrence is taking place with the aim and intention of allowing projects to take advantage of the functionalities of on-chain financial issues. For DAOs to be fully effective and carry out their functions more appropriately, they must incorporate more flexible and secure ways and means of treasury management.

To achieve this goal, they need to effectively and properly utilize the decentralized finance (DeFi) tools to their maximum potential. However, this also is in a scenario wherein the overall value attached seems to be dropping, yet more treasury-related funds seem to be the order of the day. 

In this very regard, Aera assists in adding and increasing the capital requirements that occur in the case of the creation of various projects. It also greatly helps to considerably reduce the costs incurred in the activities related to operations. There is also the all-important aspect of obstructing any and every kind of interference made by the government.

However, this is all achieved by bringing in line all incentives handed out by the treasury management in apt ways of decentralization. This process inadvertently strongly influences the methods adopted in rewarding profit-making ideas. In turn, levying adequate and calculated penalty amounts is also part of the protocol.

Roxanne Williams

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