Aethir introduces Aethir Edge, a next-level DePIN hardware

Aethir has detailed insights about Aethir Edge, the centerpiece of its solution for making it big in one of the fastest-growing segments—DePIN, an acronym for decentralized physical infrastructure. The idea is to support the AI and gaming sectors with GPU cloud computing. Plans are in line for Aethir to roll out rewards and native tokens—ATH—in the second quarter of 2024.

Aethir Edge has been defined by Aethir as a visionary hardware cloud computing device that can anticipate the rapid expansion of user bases and enterprises. Also working in favor of Aethir Edge is that it attempts to bank those who have been cast away by centralized solutions or have not been touched upon by them until now.

Flawless in nature, GPU cloud computing by Aethir plans to bring out cloud computing nodes for clients. These can facilitate the use of raw and unused GPU power from those that are ideal. Aethir Edge has started gaining traction already with slight features that it has sported. These pertain to the device being compact enough to fit into any environment and working noise as low as one wants. The power consumption has been brought down significantly.

Latency has been identified as a nightmare in the cloud computing segment. Aethir understood this and vowed to resolve it via Edge. Per the announcement, it has been successful under the umbrella of enterprise-grade edge computing capacity. Aethir aims to make latency a thing of the past in the industry. It could take a few more twitches of upgrades to increase the effectiveness.

Aethir’s GPU cloud covers a broad region since the device’s distribution moves beyond geographical challenges. This marks a stark contrast to the traditional cloud mechanism. Users no longer need to move closer to the centre of the cloud network; Aethir does that for them by bringing the solution a step closer to them.

To mention the ATH token again, Aethir is planning to bring out the ecosystem’s token pretty soon and use it to roll out rewards in the form of passive income. This would make up for a better opportunity for device owners. All they have to do is operate an Aethir Edge device, which entitles them to 23% of the total supply of ATH. A cloud computing device can be set up through the mobile application of Aethir Edge, which is further integrated with a crypto wallet service.

Technical configurations include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Chip plus 128 GB of LPDDR5 memory to process data-intensive workloads. Aethir Edge has a 1000M GE LAN network port and WIFI6 2T2R + BT5.2 connectivity, featuring 256 GB UFS 3.1 storage capacity.

Aethir, with Aethir Edge, is on a mission to transform how GPU power is utilized in ML, AI, and gaming industries. It practically opens the door to a more efficient Web3 iteration of cloud computing.

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