AFKDAO collabs ERA delivers community engagement via gaming

AFKDAO comes out with its official declaration that it has formed a collaboration with ERA. This will help it to take forward innovation in Blockchain gaming, as well as encourage community participation and create a better environment. Both entities will bring their individual areas of expertise to the table and bring out the complete potential of decentralized finance. For the uninitiated, ERA is the first Blockchain-oriented and strategized game that has been developed on the Polygon chain. 

Metaera is basically a studio involved in Blockchain gaming and is dedicated to game creators and developers. The aim of Metaera is to build a DeFi project for exhibiting the complete set of capabilities that come with Blockchain pertaining to effective gaming. They work towards roping in prospective gamers to take an active part in the project and gain the advantage of being able to earn in the bargain. The team members are responsible for building the game in-house so as to ascertain the fact that there is total dependability and answerability.  

With the utilization of its ERC-4610 standard, AFKDAO provides the opportunity for adaptable NFTs to be used for loans in a non-collateral way and for borrowing. This, in turn, offers investors the chance to carry out investments in terms of gaming, as well as metaverse projects. 

With the help of the DAO governance, it becomes possible for the community to select the games offered, as well as bring in guilds and treasury plans, all aimed towards properly serving the DAO and building the biggest player base in the play-to-earn arena.

Trevor Holman

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