After Mobile Crypto and KYC Compliant Features, Will Electroneum (ETN) Surprise us further?

Electroneum (ETN) made a big entry when it revealed the fantastic features such as mobile crypto and KYC compliant. Naturally, with raising the bar, it also raised the expectations of the users. The expectations go to a higher stake with the release of the new model. But is it feasible to see a newly launched brand rolling out too much in too little time, without setting its roots deeper into the crypto sphere?

We can already see the company’s attractive offers that serve the corporate, retailers, MNO/ MVNO, and general users overall. The company has bundled a good list of benefits such as reduction in the vendor to operator costs, boost in the Net Promoter Score, increase in the footfall of the customers for both corporate and the retailers and so on. With time we will see ETN expanding and opening its wings, but as of now, Electorneum (ETN) can keep the loyalty and interest of the users by offering more and more benefits to its increasing user’s club.

Green flag from Android and iOS System-

The latest release of an application for the i-phone operating system gained much popularity to Electorneum (ETN). Making it furthermore interesting both iOS and Android smartphones allow cloud mining. The fact that Electorneum (ETN) got accepted on the iOS platform is in itself a great sign that the blockchain is treading the right way, given Apple is famous for screening only the best and only then it allows them on the iOS platform.

The “revolutionary new digital payment ecosystem”-

As the official website of ETN describes itself as the “revolutionary new digital payment ecosystem,” we too believe that it has a long way to go. One may differ based on the type of investment one may seek. For those seeking a long term investment in the ETN, they can use the patience virtue and see it rise as the crypto market gains strength overall. For those who are seeking a short term investment, with the speculations of the bullish tendency to return, they can seek some good returns flowing in.

Market performance of Electorneum (ETN)-

Looking at the past few weeks, the coin has shown impressive stability despite the market’s ups and downs. The price of ETN was not seen any lower than 0.007 U.S. Dollars. Keeping a steady trade volume, ETN saw a rise of 0.66 percent against the U.S. Dollar in the period of 24 hours. The market cap of ETN is around 59 million U.S. Dollar, and the trading volume is 169000 U.S. Dollars.

Fighting the bearish market, the coin has shown a good recovery, and ETN also shows signs of rebounding down the line, as it advances in impressing the users and the investors.

Recovery of Electorneum (ETN)-

The volatility of the crypto market is both frightening and is promising too, as, in the dark times, it tells us that the sun will rise. The fluctuations affected ETN and shall dissolve with time too. When it didn’t spare the world’s strongest cryptocurrency- Bitcoin BTC, ETN is a very fresh entry into the arena. Therefore, it’s a matter of patience to see the coin rise again. Speculations tell that when Bitcoin BTC rises above 4K U.S. Dollar mark, it will give strength to the remaining altcoins too.

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