AGE OF TANKS AND CHEERSLAND: All Set For A Strategic Collaboration

Cheersland has the vision to create a more robust game-fi metaverse aggregator where players may profit from their gaming activities by utilizing the game-as-a-service model, and with this vision in mind, the company has strategically partnered with Age of tanks. Tank NFTs Metaverse is a 3D turn-based strategy with self-assembly, a functionality that is being offered for the first time.

CheersLand will debut its NFT market module and provide its games-as-a-service concept to the gaming market. The provider will run “non-fungible token” campaigns within the Game-fi environment and, in the future, will collaborate with AOT to offer an initial NFT offering. The initiative will be focusing on cross-marketing across both groups, as well as player growth and a rise in token use cases, among other things, so that they can provide additional economic prospects for users.


The CheersLand game-fi metaverse aggregator includes multi-game combinations, an initial gaming offering (IGO), a ranking list, a multi-asset staking platform, among other features.

In CheersLand, gamers may win rewards by playing well and helping the environment. This play-to-earn functionality has been applied to numerous games such as Alien Worlds, Axie Infinity, My Neighbor Alice, and the like, which has resulted in impressive reviews and financial success.

Age of Tanks

In this game, players command and construct their tank fleet to charge the battlegrounds in their mission to capture Earth Zero. It expands the player’s imagination of what life would look like in the far future. AOT looks into how the current activities impact the future.

CheersLand will make a difference by providing additional economic options for users. The provider intends to integrate millions of internet users into the blockchain and share the game-fi revolution with them.

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