Age of Tanks and MetaWars are Partnering to Conquer the Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual world backed by blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality. It connects 3D virtual worlds to enable users to enter a whole new dimension that closely resembles real life.

Applications of Metaverse have kickstarted in segments of gaming, shopping, and meetings, and Metaverse is taking over many more segments to create a rich space for user interaction.

Age Of Tanks x MetaWars

Age of Tanks published a blog post about partnering with MetaWars in a bid to conquer Metaverse. For this purpose, Age of Tanks and MetaWars will connect the different GameFi projects to expand their virtual universe.

MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy game where users perform different roles. Every action that they undertake affects other events in the universe. MetaWars is themed around the fall of Governments and the rise in battles across the world.

Players can earn rewards by staking their token $WARS and game-based non-fungible tokens. Additionally, players can participate in governance events.

Age of Tanks is also a strategy-based game that has been themed around military operations. The concept of Age of Tanks requires players to build their army of tanks and lead them to conquer Earth Zero.

DefiNation Studio has brought Age of Tanks to the market. DefiNation is a gaming startup that leverages in-game DeFi features and the BSC advanced blockchain. 60 Venture Capitalists back in the age of Tanks. Some of them are Good Games, IPFS, Arbiter, Unix, and PlayZap.


MetaWars and Age of Tanks are powered by blockchain technology. They intend to offer 3D virtual worlds that are collective and interactive for an immersive user experience.

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