AI crypto coins plunge; Is this a good time to buy the dip?

Artificial Intelligence will thrive in the technology sector and potentially revolutionize the crypto industry, accelerating the growth of new technologies, facilities, and social & financial networks that make transactions and transfers faster. Some of the AI crypto projects are performing better than many blue-chip cryptocurrencies in the last few months. Still, currently, some AI tokens such as The Graph, SingularityNET, and have taken a dip this week due to less demand in the market. 

The Graph (GRT) 

The Graph has the potential to revolutionize the decentralized finance (DeFi) and broader Web3 ecosystem. It is an indexing protocol for querying data for decentralized networks. Besides, The Graph also provides a hosted service that helps the developer build on the network. Currently, it supports indexing data from POA, IPFS, and Ethereum networks. 

The Graph (GRT), the largest AI token by market capitalization, is trading at around $0.148 at the time of writing, and over the last 24 hours, the price of GRT token faced an almost 10% fall. Despite the recent fall, The Graph holds the potential to thrive significantly in the AI-driven craze. Based on our GRT price prediction, it might hit $0.20 by the end of this year. (FET) is an emerging cryptocurrency that uses AI and machine learning to create autonomous economic agents. This agent acts on behalf of individuals to generate profits in different ways. One such example is crypto trading robots that buy and sell crypto to generate profits for the owner. It has the potential to form a future decentralized marketplace. It has a unique blockchain with a combination of proof of work and proof of stake validation mechanisms. 

The FET network is truly a decentralized and permissionless ecosystem compared to its rivals, and its innovative technology will help it to grow significantly. According to our price prediction and current price action, the FET token might gradually rise over the next few months.

SingularityNET (AGIX) 

It is an online marketplace dedicated to selling and buying AI algorithms. It is a place for researchers who create artificial intelligence-based applications and sell their services to businesses that want to use these AI algorithms and software to improve their operations. Currently, it supports three categories: cybersecurity, biomedical research, and cloud robotics. AGIX is a native coin used to pay for transactions on this network.  

The price of SingularityNET (AGIX) is currently trading at $0.3715, with an almost a 12% fall over the last 24 hours. The current AGIX price action signals a consolidation. Still, SingularityNET holds strong upside potential and will rise if its support holds.

Which AI crypto project are you most bullish on?

Based on the fundamentals, analysis, and forecast data, The Graph (GRT) is the most reliable decentralized public infrastructure in the AI crypto domain compared to (FET) and SingularityNET (AGIX). 


GRT is the native token of this network, which is locked by the indexers, delegators, and curators to offer to curate and indexing services to the network. It is an ERC 20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, which also earns rewards for active curators, delegators, and indexers based on the amount of work they perform.  

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