AI giants unite for next-gen tech & IP revolution

Leading personalities from open-source generative AI, entertainment, and GPU computing come together to form something extraordinary, uniting OTOY, Stability AI, Endeavor, and the Render Network in an unprecedented partnership. Collaboration is the first driving force behind IP rights and manufacturing techniques, which will eventually be established in this new field.

The decentralized GPU computing infrastructure of Render Network is a key factor behind this partnership. It will make AI training and inference abilities thousands of times more cost-effective than they are today. This project is anticipated to create an open-source platform to empower users to develop their own AI and its examination activities, dramatically changing the 3D, VFX, and media creation methods.

Stability AI will strengthen the ties with IDEA and OTOY by becoming a member of the alliance. The partnership will be instrumental in fostering the adoption of open standards across multiple applications that integrate generative AI models into the 3D platform. This includes, but is not limited to, product design such as motion graphics and holographics, which are going for adaptability for the media and entertainment multimedia industry worldwide.

The innovation is to associate with Stability AI, the Render Network, and OTOY to develop intuitive IP tracking mechanisms to compensate for the growing intellectual property of machine learning models. Works will undergo the peer review process that IDEA will offer them using OTOY’s LightSpace technology. Such leading NFT-based face scanning and digital replication platforms will provide licensing tools that give artists the power to administer their digital entities and collect profits from their IPs exploited in GAN models.

Moreover, they aim to get Stability AI models to run without snags on the GPU target pool across the Render Network’s vast peer-to-peer network. This cooperation may be an essential step towards perfecting media model AI systems that can interact with other platforms in a simple, streamlined way using web APIs. This approach can leverage over a million consumer GPUs as powerful computing engines.

The press release features the launch of the Stable Video 3D Model, a brand-new method in novel view synthesis and 3D creation, which demonstrates the affiliation’s determination to exploit Render Network’s gains in 3D and media formats via computational power and community-driven strategy.

An indispensable part of this partnership is the implementation of Render Network’s Proof-of-Render systems that provide a verifiable record of computer inputs and outputs on the blockchain, apart from proving the work done. This enables the control of IP and royalties by respective organizations and public audit of smart contracts for AI models via auditable smart contracts.

The hidden treasure of this collaboration will be uncovered by Stability AI’s Founder and CEO, Emad Mostaque, and OTOY’s Founder and CEO, Jules Urbach, in upcoming conferences, such as Abundance 360, the USC VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference. The two other big events will be GTC by NVIDIA and NAB.

In addition, the two team members also shared a vision of democratizing AI technologies through this collaboration. This should lead to new ideas and creativity on all fronts. Ariel Emanuel, CEO of Endeavor, spoke of AI as the transformative development in media and entertainment rather than comparing it to the advent of the internet and television. Digital artist Beeple, with his daily 3D creation known best, celebrated the collaboration for its opportunity to incorporate AI filters into the 3D production process, which will be a significant step forward, allowing creatives to express themselves in a never-before-seen manner.

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