AI Meta Club X The Planet of the Hares A boost towards sustainable living

AI Meta Club has announced that it has partnered with The Planet of the Hares. The objective is to establish collaboration within the ecosystem and promote sustainable living. This move is a part of AMC’s mission of creating a better future for the planet by leveraging the true potential of artificial intelligence and community collaboration.

AMC, or AI Meta Club, is a DAO platform that connects users to the emerging trend of the metaverse and artificial intelligence. The venture recently emerged as a leading force in the blockchain and artificial intelligence communities. Other similar projects that have caught the eyes of experts are OpenAI’s Dall-E and ChatGPT.

A part where AMC goes a step forward is in exploring the possibilities of AI, blockchain, and metaverse. AMC ultimately wants to empower the Web3 movement by bringing together all the elements in the ecosystem.

The partnership with The Planet of the Hares follows another important update by AMC, wherein the DAP platform launched AMChat. It is an AI-based question & answer tool designed to help users with their questions for metaverse, AI, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. AMChat is a GPT-4-based tool that now looks forward to constant updates and improvements

One such update that is likely to make the way is a feature that rolls out text-to-image and image-to-3D solutions. This will further transform 2D images into avatars that would be suitable for metaverses featuring gaming elements.

What now makes things interesting for the AMC community is the Telegram Airdrop Championship. It is scheduled to start on May 08, 2023, with a set of eight mini Airdrop Tournaments. The championship is open to everyone across the globe.

Anyone who participates in the global Telegram Airdrop Championship stands a chance to win AMC and USDT tokens.

To reiterate, the first of eight tournaments begin on May 08, 2023. Twenty-Four winners will be decided with a single grand finale at the end of the tournament. Only a single player will take home the grand prize in Telegram Airdrop Championship.

While participants can enter into one or more tournaments with a maximum limit of eight, it is recommended that they better their chances by enrolling in all eight tournaments. Every mini-airdrop tournament is scheduled to run for five days, approximately.

It is worth noting that this is not the first tournament that AMC organized. The DAO platform believes in constantly engaging with the community. It had earlier hosted Tweet With Our Hashtag, choosing the top three winners for first, second, and third position.

Circling back to the partnership between AMC and The Planet of the Hares, it was announced by AI Meta Club. The partnership aligns with the mission of establishing a collaborative environment in the ecosystem for the purpose of promoting sustainable living. AMC further aims to better the future of the planet through artificial intelligence and collaboration among communities.

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