AILAND joins hands with SKALE to build a gaming experience

AILAND focuses on bringing the best experience to the gaming community. Backed by blockchain technology, AILAND simultaneously combines the power of AI to ensure that the gaming experience is personal and customized for everyone.

There are new heights waiting for AILAND following the announcement made by SKALE, wherein it has stated that AILAND and SKALE have joined hands together, allowing AILAND to build on top of the network interconnected EVM blockchain.

AILAND chose SKALE out of other options available for the variety of benefits that it brings to the table as a partner. For instance, SKALE empowers its partners to leverage the network at the lowest transaction cost. AILAND will join the list to leverage the same benefit. This is on top of the scalability factor and high speed.

SKALE further empowers its partners to construct chains that are specific to their application. It signifies that they can customize and establish the chain per the requirements of their applications. This is expected to come in handy largely for the game developer community of AILAND. It will also allow AILAND to have better control over its decentralized applications, thereby providing a better experience to its players.

Users will have the chance to advance in terms of participating in the network. SKALE is estimated to offer free transactions dedicatedly to the users of AILAND. They will not have to pay fees for transactions.

Infinity from AILAND has compared choosing SKALE to discover a secret portal to the metaverse that goes beyond anyone’s imagination. AILAND brings together AI and blockchain technology for the benefit of the gaming community. The fact that they are now backed by SKALE to build their projects only goes on to enable AILAND to redefine the boundaries of gaming and interaction in the digital world.

The Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of AILAND has supported the collaboration with SKALE. Additionally, it is stated that the partnership perfectly complements its mission to create a playground that is always evolving and is immersive for its gaming community.

AILAND utilizes the potential of blockchain technology to provide transactions that are transparent and decentralized in nature. A core focus remains on the security of transactions.

AILAND and SKALE joining hands make it beneficial for the developers since they now have a stronger ground for their developments. Users, on the other hand, are to receive a better experience with a bigger set of features. AILAND currently aims to develop connections within the community through a virtual world. Other activities that gamers can do are socializing and competing with others.


The partnership with SKALE follows the announcement where AILAND dropped a tweet for the community to know how they can get their hands on the giveaway reward – Amber NFT. All they have to do is follow Amber, subscribe to the YouTube channel of AILAND, and leave NEAR wallet in the comments before retweeting the announcement.

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