Airbnb can get some benefits via VeChain

Amid a lot of speculation, many members have started pitching the benefits of VeChain to Airbnb. This is under the hope that the venture would actually proceed to integrate the blockchain mechanism of VeChain. Specifically speaking, a Twitter user who goes by the name Sebastian, also an investor in VeChain, has highlighted the benefits that Airbnb is potentially missing out on by not establishing a coming ground with the venture.

It has been clarified that the integration of VeChain with Airbnb is a sure shot at revolutionizing its platform. This is based on the assumption that the power of blockchain is indeed leveraged to its full capacity.

While a wide list of features and benefits has been shared, it will depend on how much Airbnb actually implements to scale its operations.

VeChain comes with the power of providing transparency and trust to its partners by rolling out the Web3-as-a-service platform. It ensures that only verified identities and secure transactions make their way into the digital ecosystem. This is topped by preventing fraudulent activities on Airbnb.

Next comes the deployment of automated smart contracts. These are programs that function based on predetermined conditions only after they have been met. When automated, smart contracts no longer require manual intervention. Thereby lowering the financial burden and eliminating intermediaries.

VeChain’s automated smart contracts can be shared between hosts and their clients to bring higher efficiency and convenience.

Global expansion is what every venture aims for. The only factor holding them back is a reliable partner who can back their operations with technical support. VeChain can give that to Airbnb and enhance the scalability and resilience factor. Also, Airbnb will gain access to a broad network of validators who are spread across the world. The network is decentralized in nature with the absolute intention of maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem.

It is also the decentralized nature of the network that boosts the transparency factor. Per the partnership pitch, VeChain can help Airbnb display reviews, information, and ratings of properties in detail, irrespective of their geographical location.

Making things better is the sense of sustainability that VeChain brings along. The integration would boost a shift toward keeping an eye on the carbon footprint and energy consumption. Hosts will be encouraged to take up the practices that are good for the environment, thereby leading to responsible hospitality.

Not to forget that the current generation has started laying a lot of emphasis on how responsible ventures and their partners are for the environment.

VeChain is now seeing its token growth in recent times. For instance, the native token was exchanging hands at $0.018262, an increase of 2.73% in the last 7 days. Assuming the pitch gets through, VeChain prediction estimates the value to go as high as $0.051 by the end of this year, that is, 2023.

More benefits that Airbnb is missing out on are our digital ID solutions, instant & secure payments, and data privacy. The community is excited, with both ventures awaiting to share their input on the pitch.

Trevor Holman

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