AirGap announces staking functionality for Internet Computer Protocol

AirGap earlier launched support for ICP or Internet Computer Protocol. It has now announced that it will support the staking functionality for the token. This is indeed an exciting development for the community, which will now be able to stake their ICP tokens and enjoy benefits including, but not limited to, rewards and security.

Most importantly, members who stake ICP will gain access to governance and consensus within the ecosystem of AirGap. Stakers can alternatively choose to delegate their voting power to a followee and continue leveraging the security potential of the network.

The DFINITY Foundation has created the protocol by bringing together the greatness of blockchain technology and decentralized computing.

ICP was integrated into the ecosystem of AirGap earlier this year. Only five months later, the platform has enabled the staking functionality. AirGap was also one of the first wallets to launch support for BTC. ICP’s alignment with AirGap’s mission of empowering individuals makes it a perfect fit for stake functionality. The aim is to enable them to take control of their digital assets and participate in blockchain activities.

Needless to say, the launch of the staking functionality also reflects positively on ICP. The token was last seen trading at $4.89. While the number is down by 4.40% in the last 7 days, there are bullish sentiments that ICP will eventually hit the milestone of $59.66 by the end of this decade, that is, in 2030. One can find more details about how the price fluctuation will roll out for ICP in the following years.

Circling back to AirGap extending staking support to ICP, it has been learned that the integration offers a total of two crucial benefits to the community. For starters, users can experience a seamless staking process without having to navigate their way all around the platform. Second, the security mechanism of AirGap Vault will continue to remain live when users stake their respective tokens, ICP in this case.

AirGap Vault is indeed a key element among all the benefits. It transforms a user’s mobile device into a cold wallet.

Users can begin staking ICP by updating the AirGap mobile application. They must then select the staking option by visiting the ICP Wallet section. AirGap has upped the ante for its Vault product by introducing the Knox solution. It basically works as a device manager by ensuring usability.

Moving forward, AirGap has assured that it will continue to enhance its support and offering to the blockchain community with a key focus on security, functionality, and convenience. Per the announcement, users can expect AirGap to come up with more such developments in the days ahead.

The announcement highlights that the venture is committed to catering to the ever-growing needs of the crypto community by bringing to light innovative features and blockchain projects.

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