AirNFTs Announces The Arrival of The First-Ever NFT Launchpad

Announcing the arrival of its first-ever NFTs launchpad, the AirNFTs Public Raise is now available for users. Aligned with its objective to become a community-driven project, the supply allocated for the launchpad program is around 20%. This means that users on the platform will become important stakeholders in the process and play a critical role in deciding the future direction of the projects. Further, these launchpads can be converted into the native token of the platform once the program ends.  

There is a lot of curiosity regarding the concept of the NFT launchpad as people are not aware of its underpinnings. The NFT launchpad can be used to raise the money for projects via NFTs but the crucial difference is the value of the token which is considered “symbolic”. The users who purchase the NFTs on the platform will get tokens at the end of the process and the value is transferred to their accounts 

In order to participate in the event, users need to follow the three-step procedure given below: 

1) Users’ wallets must have the BNB to kickstart the participation. 

2) In the next step, there is an option to select the preferred package and once the package is selected, users need to click on the ‘Buy’ button. 

3) Once the launchpad process is over, all allocations in terms of AIRT tokens will be transferred to the accounts of the holders. 

There are numerous benefits associated with owning the $AIRT and becoming a community member. First, community members will have the power to vote and have a say in the governance decisions related to future projects. It will also enable them to earn rewards by staking the native token of the platform, $AIRT. Additionally, community members will have a chance to earn trading fees and even trade the coin without any kind of a price impact in the future. 

Once users buy an NFT launchpad package, they can check out the balance in the “You Will Receive” section on the official web page of the launchpad. It is also worth mentioning that more than one package can be bought and tokens will be credited to the account once the program is over.

Trevor Holman

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